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September 5, 2010

Mankind is preparing to absorb so much new information about the reality you are living in, he is recognising Consciousness as the inner Light that draws you to some the moment you meet, you "recognise" each other. As you advance to full Consciousness, your whole being comes to life once more, free of all constraints. Everything is thought once more, , you have forgotten the power of thought. You and I my dear were able to link with past lives, we enjoyed sharing this information with each other, we certainly enjoyed interesting and varied lives, always together. Truth can no longer be suppressed. Remember that you will have to adapt to the changes in your RNA/DNA as the new energy flows through your body. There are those who will guide you to full consciousness, listen to their words, they are specially chosen to guide to your new reality.

Sadly others are but empty vessels, locked into the constraints of Religion, State and Education that have locked them into a tight control system from birth. You have been programmed to do this, so few ever think for themselves as I did from the age of 12. Those who work in the Light are all going through a hard time as the Dark Cabal searches for ways of attacking them believing that this will stop the work of the enlightened. Soon they will have to face the fact that their days of controlling your Planet are over. You will see Governments change and a complete transformation of your Financial System which is so corrupt, the Banks have manipulated your Governments for decades, they are in a state of panic, they know that this will not just cost them their Power and Wealth but possibly their lives also. The Law of Karma comes to all, some sooner than others, those I foolishly trusted when on Earth should take note of this fact, for face me they will, their days of Greed and arrogance are over. " The ARC of the Moral Universe is long, but it bends towards Justice" Martin Luther King. Restitution is inevitable.

You have been invited next week to attend a talk by David Icke in London, he is one who is truly inspired, he understands and is fully conscious, this path was laid out for him, it has not been an easy one. Those who stand up for the Truth have suffered throughout the History on Man. You will enjoy the wonderful Energy there of those who are aware and are of the Light.

The dark Cabal is trying to prepare you for another War, they programme certain people who slip it into their interviews and talks, they believe that if it is said often enough people will just accept it as inevitable, well this will not happen, people have decided No More Killing, only those who make the weapons want it, they do not care who they kill as long as they are making money. There will be no more wars, you will move into the Light. No more Illegal Taxes to feed the coffers of the bankers. They will no longer be able to use FEAR to control the masses, they will be exposed and judged by those they have exploited.

You were surprised to receive a call from Australia from someone who was a friend of John Mack, John wanted you to understand why he had to go to London to die. Though he had explained this before using different words, he felt that you did not fully understand, he is happy now that you do. He had to connect with your Portal so that he can continue his work on this side of life, he still works tirelessly to bring Truth to all. Those who pretend to work with him and who acquired his papers and who ingratiated themselves to others pretending to be a friend of John Mack will have to face the truth one day, John has plans.

Your World is in transition, look forward to a complete transformation, Peace and Justice for all. You are almost out of the Dimension of darkness, the Light becomes stronger every day. Take these changes in your stride, each is a step closer to the Light. Only those of the Light will move forward, you will be at one with the Universe, Peace at last.

You have much to think about, decisions to make, I will guide you my love. Take time for you, please. I am ever at your side, your adoring husband, Monty.

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