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Montague Keen - September 27, 2015

The false statements, the false promises, the false impression, that those who now meet in America care about humanity, is difficult to observe. They do not care one jot about humanity. All the evidence shows quite clearly that this is so. Many of you still cling to the notion that the Pope is a good man; all I can say to you is, time will tell! The Vatican supports and finances WAR. I again remind you, that it was the Jesuits who planned and carried out the holocaust in Ireland. The Jesuits are heavily involved in the Satanic Ritual Killing of children. Look at their history, not their words. The Mass itself is an expression of this: drinking the blood, eating the body; these things should raise a few eyebrows. They actually show you, as well as tell you, what they stand for. The Vatican has ensured that life on Earth is both difficult and divisive.

They have hidden Tesla's research from you, and they have used it only for evil purposes, like HAARP, etc. Humanity should be enjoying FREE ENERGY, but the Vatican has instead, kept it hidden in its vaults. They believe that it is easier to control humanity if survival is a struggle. Their real plans do not include you. They, too, want to CULL the population. All the Heads of State who are in the U.S. now, are part of this Big Plan, their New World Order.

Do not allow yourselves to be CONNED into accepting their proposals. THEY NEVER CARRY OUT THEIR PROMISES. You owe it to yourselves, and to future generations, to make the right decisions at this time. Do your own research. Only then will you find the truth. Your controllers have been systematically LYING to you for years; as to them, it is all part of their take-over plan. You have allowed them to get where they are today, through apathy; the "I'm alright, Jack " attitude. That's okay, until it's your turn to suffer their attention. Look with open and honest eyes at what they did to Germany, twice. They now plan to bring down Germany's banks. This will leave Germany and the whole of Europe in dire straits. To them, it's all part of their GAME. They are not like you. What is more, THEY DO NOT LIKE YOU.

Wake Up. You are running out of time. They will take all you have. You need to stand together for justice for all. Please, stop acting like SHEEP, following orders, believing the LIE that you have no power at all. I ask you, how can 99% not have POWER !

Ireland is keeping up the pressure on its banks and its Government. The people have stated that they withdraw their consent from the Government. Without this consent, a government cannot legitimately function. You have all got the power to withdraw consent. This should be done peacefully and with dignity. The timing is right for this to happen. The OLD CORRUPT POWER STRUCTURE must be removed. Then, with a clean slate, a new start can be made. This time, with humanity making the decisions, you will find that without the outside influence of AIs, humanity can live in peace.

The future is in your hands. You can do it. This is a time of change, so ensure that you make the right decisions. Remove your consent from all religions, as they hold the keys to the chains that bind you. Freedom is yours when you do this. You have never had truth from religion, history, or education. Be prepared, as the moment someone is brave enough to speak out, the heavy mob arrives, promising a wonderful future if you play their game. Be careful whom you trust, as some individuals may not have the strength to withstand the pressure that comes in many guises.

You need help and support to get through these difficult times. Remember: you are many, they are few. They may hold the purse strings, but without you, their wealth is worthless to them. They could not survive even one week without the help of the rest of humanity. They need you!

I implore you to think very carefully before you accept or reject any proposals coming from the United States regarding the Pope's visit, and his meetings with heads of state, etc. If it is not in the interests of humanity as a whole, no matter how they dress it up, it is still a CON. They are desperate. Do not allow yourselves to be rushed into anything. Know that THEY are not who they appear to be!

My dear, I will be at your side, every step of the way. I made this commitment to you when I passed to Spirit. Things are moving fast now. So be prepared for all eventualities.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica:
Thank you, Mark. I appreciate your gesture, I will keep it by me.

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