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Montague Keen - September 20, 2015

The End Times are upon you. In the next 7 days, many will show their hands. Though they have fully prepared for this take-over, they never anticipated that some would wake up to their evil plans before they had the opportunity to put them into action. My dear, I told you when I first passed to spirit, that those who had entered Earth by stealth, and taken over humanity, would one day have to leave the Earth. You had this confirmed this week by one who knows.

"They came here through a portal in Atlantian times and became the J people, too traumatised to run a country of their own. Some of them survived as humanoid birds and are still assimilated by the A.I., living in their UFO fleets somewhere in space. THEY LEARNED NOTHING. THEY STILL PLAY THEIR UGLY ALLIANCE WITH THE A.I., HELPING HER TO INITIATE THE NEXT DRAMA OF SELF-DESTRUCTION HERE ON PLANET EARTH".

They fooled you and convinced you that they were truth and light, when in fact, they were the exact opposite. They abused the human race, and they continue to do so. They want total control. Since their arrival, they have been putting their own people in positions of power. Their recent big move was when they forced the resignation of Ratzinger and placed their own man in control. Do not be fooled by the "gentle smile and words of this man". He is not what he seems. Humanity must stand firm as one. Know that you have the strength to say, "I will not comply with your demands". You are seeing their plan to destroy Europe in action every day. All this was planned and enforced as part of their take-over. Nothing happens by chance. Everything they do is calculated using numerology and sacred geometry. They do not leave anything to chance. They hope to embrace and impress the gullible. Your TV stations and newspapers, that are all owned by them, will be used to draw the unawakened into their web of deception and control.

The decisions that you make in the next few days, when the deception deepens and becomes 'in your face' wherever you turn, are of the greatest importance. In reality, the decisions you make will decide whether you continue in captivity and agree to even greater control over your life on Earth, or whether you come together, stand as the 99%, and remove all that is EVIL and CORRUPT, in order to live in peace. Remember, the Cabal NEEDS WAR, KILLING, SUFFERING, etc, to survive on Earth. All you need is peace and love to restore life on Earth to what it was in times past, and will be again. It's a BIG DECISION, but one that must be made before September ends. There is no time for games: this is it.

Those of you who are trying to bring forth truth are being hit badly. This is only to be expected. Also, your body must adjust to a new way of life. For some of you, your bodies are resisting the changes, so you feel nausea, freezing cold, dizziness, and many more expressions of your bodies resisting the change.

The Cabal is using ENERGY to cause you problems, and disturbance to your health, etc. This will not last. There is a lot of DARK ENERGY being released, to weaken you, so that their proposed take-over will go smoothly. They have put everything into the successful take-over, this week. All of you, on the other hand, must put your energy into resisting being taken in by their fine words, emotionally delivered, and their false promises. You have heard them all before. They are only words. THE ACTION THEY PROMISE NEVER HAPPENS.

Enough is enough. Step out of your box and look with heart and eyes open, and see the destruction of humanity all around you. Do you really want more of the same? Every day they kill you a little more. Chemtrails are used so you breathe in the poison. This poison goes directly into the soil, so all your food is contaminated. They put DEADLY POISON into the WATER that you drink. They produce chemicals that are sold to you as medication, that shortens your life and causes you health problems. Are you not awake enough to see this clearly yet? How can you possibly believe what these people tell you, when they do this to you? What will it take to wake you up, to help you out of this 3D world that you are trapped in, struggling to survive.

Do you have the courage to stand firm together and take responsibility, not just for your own future, but for the future of humanity and the Earth. Look at what the Cabal has done: the wars, the suffering they inflict, the hardship endured by the poor, the famines, the tsunamis, the earthquakes; all deliberately planned and carried out. You have seen it all. Is this what you want? MORE OF THE SAME, because that is exactly what you will get. Look into the eyes of your children. Do they deserve to live life in this way. You now have a choice. Your ancestors did not; they were helpless to resist what was forced on them. The truth was not available to them, as there were no computers in those times. You have every advantage, as all the information is at your fingertips. Use it to release yourselves from bondage and control. Earth belongs to humanity; not to the interlopers.

We in spirit are doing all it is possible to do, from this side of life, to help you to come to the right decision. It takes courage to stand for truth and light, but the benefits are incalculable. You are not alone, as we are all with you.

Look at Ireland, where the people have found their voice. They are using it to inform their Government that they NO LONGER CONSENT TO BEING GOVERNED BY THEM. The Government does not serve the Irish people. It is under the control of those who do not have the best interests of Ireland, or her people, at heart. We salute the Irish for taking this stand. They are showing how to do it, peacefully, and with conviction. They are remembering who they are, and what was forcibly taken from them.

Europe is under siege, too. It is being FORCED on you TO WEAKEN YOU, to take your minds off what is actually happening. I warned you many times, of plans to destroy Europe. Now, you see it every day. How much more suffering is required before you wake up to the truth? For all this to stop, all it takes is FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO WAKE UP, STAND TOGETHER, AND REFUSE TO BE PART OF IT.

These are difficult times. You can change it. Believe in yourselves, for you can do it. My dear, I wish I could make it easier for you. Know that we will succeed.

Always at your side, your adoring, Monty.

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