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June 27, 2010

What Mankind needs to remember is that "No Man is an Island", what is being done in one part of the World today can be repeated anywhere they choose. You are your brother's keeper, I ask you please come together in Love and Peace, support each other. Do not think that because this is happening far away in America, I am safe here, you too will have to face challenges and you will hope that someone will respond to your plight. The destruction of your World as you know it is happening before your eyes, are you going to let it happen or will you wake-up to the major disaster that is unfolding, the truth of which is being kept hidden from you. A disaster is always created before the next steps of the plan to control your Planet can be taken, when enough fear is created then man will close his eyes to so much, he will agree to anything put before him. History repeats itself over and over again, what must happen before you wake-up and say Not in my Name. 3% of the population of your World is inflicting such damage, ask yourselves, how can this be.? Where is my voice.? You are consciousness, part of the Whole, all that is and ever was, together in Light and Love you can reclaim all that was taken from you. Forget the man-made differences of Race and Creed, those were used to divide and rule. Find your true purpose for indeed each of you have chosen to be on the Earth at this time to rescue it from the Darkness that has engulfed it for so long.

I am part of the Network on this side of life, nothing happens that we do not know of, we see all. We will guide you forward to the Higher Level that your Earth is approaching, the Dark side try to put obstacles in our way, I promise you that even if it goes to the 11th hour, they will not succeed. There are people who know the truth, they try to keep you informed and are prepared to guide you. The darkest hour is just before Dawn, you will not be abandoned .

Never has your World been more corrupt, in every corridor of Power this Evil has secreted itself, hiding behind the puppets who crave power and position. This has been very cleverly planned and executed up until now, but people are waking up and are no longer sleepwalking into becoming the slaves of those who want to control you. Do not fall victim to their plans, they cannot be trusted. It is time to come out of the Darkness. The Truth will soon be revealed.

There are many good people in your World who work tirelessly to protect all of you , come together, learn to trust, reach out to each other. You only have one enemy, that is he who wants to control you and take over your World. You grew up in Ireland where Protestant and Catholic were taught to mistrust each other, divide and rule, one of the oldest tricks in the book triumphed and so trouble was created. Now you are taught to see Moslem's as the enemy, you are encouraged to fear them, yet when you meet them they are just as fearful as you. Yes I know, there are always the exceptions who believe the hype and do stupid things because they too are taught to hate and fear. Who is responsible for this.? They too are victims. It is time that you all learned to live together in Peace. I remind you once more of when you and I came together, when I told you that I had been born a Jew, I asked if this mattered to you. Your reply brought joy to my heart, "Should it."? You accepted people for who they were not what they were. Our love should be an example to all that such differences should never matter. You saw beyond the labels, you recognised the Light we shared and continue to share. Reach out to each other, you have nothing to loose, nothing to fear except fear itself.

Once you have got through this Dark Period, life on Earth will be beyond your wildest dreams as both sides of Life come together in harmony.

The  crest of the Montague Keen Foundation

The crest of the Montague Keen Foundation

Look at our crest, the pyramid,the eye is not placed at the top where knowledge is kept by the few, I have placed it in the middle where it is available to all mankind. You will regain full use of your brain, this was removed by the Darkside so as to control you. There will be no barriers, everything will be possible once more, life will be as it was intended to be.

Take courage, open up to the Truth, research, establish the truth for yourself, take responsibility ,this is your life, live it to the full in love and truth. My dear you had some very interesting meetings last week, the timing of these were carefully orchestrated by us in Spirit, we are pleased with the results, there is much to do.

Enjoy the Sunshine, my roses are doing well, it is good to see them in bloom once more, I planted them with love for you. My love surrounds you as we progress along the road to fulfillment. Your adoring Husband, Monty

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