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July 4, 2010

As the time draws near for Truth to be revealed, come together with confidence knowing that as Earth comes to the close of the last 25 Thousand Year Cycle, you have all chosen to be part of this great Transition. The Light will return once more to guide Mankind, the darkness will be extinguished forever, their corruption exposed and removed , Truth and Knowledge will be available to all, Race and Creed will no longer be an issue on any level. Because the Dark have plans to exterminate many, we have brought our plans forward. The Human Race is not theirs to do with as they will.

My dear, you are getting information from many parts of your World from those who are Awake and aware of all that is happening. It is good to see this , we encourage all good people to come together. Connect with your Higher self, open up to the Light, know who you truly are. Each of you are on a mission to rescue Earth from those who foolishly believe it is theirs for the taking, those whose evil plans to remove 2/3rd's of the population that they see as surplus to their requirement. They have held Mankind in a Dark Prison of control and Ignorance, this my friends is coming to an end, their reign will soon cease. The Reptilian Dark agenda is ending, they cannot exist in the Light. Some of the greatest who are working with the Light are now by your side as together you increase the awareness of those who still "sleep" within the "illusion" they call life, unaware that it is but an illusion. Please be there for them when reality strikes and the illusion is ripped away and they feel trapped, frightened, conned by those they trusted in and believed. It will be a tough awakening, be kind to them, help them to re-connect with the Light.

There are changes that are part of the Transition that you are being conned into believing that you are responsible for such as Global Warming, this is NOT so. No one on Planet Earth can change even one of these natural changes that are part of the Earth's Cycle. See what is being done as yet another scam to control and cheat you out of what is rightfully yours. There are no depths to which these people will go to control you. Do not fall for their lies.

Right now they are conspiring to create Fear and Mistrust . Know that your Fear gives them control. Their methods of controlling you have been well thought out and planned, do not go like sheep to the slaughter. Listen to those who speak the Truth, read their books, the truth will set you free. You take these steps for the sake of your children and Grandchildren and future Generations to come. This is your role in life, it is what you came on Earth to do, this decision was made when you were in full knowledge and understanding of what was involved, you agreed to it. Everything you have done up until now is incidental , this is what you came on Earth to do, this is your role in life.

You are entering a very important part of the Earth's transition to the Higher Energy. You will actually feel many changes in your body as well as the connection that you will become aware of with the Light. Everything will become clear as you awaken to the Light. You will feel as though you have come home, suddenly you are free of all the confusion that bound you to the Dark. You belong in the Light, no more pain and killing, your DNA completely restored, Brains that work 100% remembering knowledge that was removed from you. See it as an exciting time of exploration. So much awaits you.

As you move forward to the time of revelation on a scale never before seen on Earth, I tell you my dear, those who lied and cheated you and who continue to do so will soon be exposed, each one of them will answer, there is nowhere for them to hide. That they planned this while I was still on the Earth Plane grieves me, sadly I was not aware of their Evil Intent, this cannot go unchallenged. In hurting you they hurt me, we share one Soul, I feel what you feel. Our Love was despised by them, you were not one of them. Our Love is pure and beautiful, it grows in strength as we continue our work, together for all time.

Reach out to each other, share your Light. Do not choose to stay in the darkness because it is familiar, be brave, it is your destiny to go to the Light.

Veronica, you will always be the Light of my life, your adoring Husband, Monty.

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