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June 20, 2010

My dearest Veronica, your understanding of just how dire the situation in your World is, is being revealed to you, the information is there for all who seek it, they are so confident that they do not bother to hide their plans. Sadly from this side of life it looks as if people have been hypnotised into submission. We ask, what must the Dark Side do just to wake up those whose selfishness and misplaced "Self Preservation Illusion" realise that they have been conned, their reluctance to act is contributing to the destruction of the Human Race as well as Planet Earth. Evil rules, they kill with impunity knowing that no one will question what they do. I too was blinded by these people when I walked the Earth, I even saw them as people of honour, how wrong I was, my problem being that I was too engrossed in my research that I failed to see what was happening right under my nose, I stand guilty also of being "taken in" by such people, they talk the good talk, they smile a lot as they plan your destruction . The moment I passed to Spirit, I saw the reality of the situation I was deeply distressed, the shock of seeing those I once trusted in their true colours was a real awakening. We in the Network promise you that the Dark Side will not succeed. Each week more people "Wake up" to the reality of the situation and that what they are being sold is JUST AN ILLUSION to con them into submission. Remember my dear how many times I repeated that "Nothing is as it seems", once you understand this then everything becomes clear.

Wake up to the fact that you are Consciousness, having an experience in a body on Planet Earth, you are all part of the whole, together you are powerful, part of all that is. Step back from the hustle and bustle of life, turn off the TV, be still and in the stillness connect and find yourself. Observe the wonder of the World, the Sky, the stars, the Sea, the continuity of it all, look at the beauty of the flowers, the trees, who created all this, it did not just happen. The wonder of Gravity, how could all that have come about, you are part of that Creation. Do not sit back and see it all destroyed by those with evil intent.

When you meet people whose lives are governed by love observe the beautiful Energy that surrounds them, you just want to bask in it. You become aware of the Light that surrounds them just as I saw the Light in you and you saw the Light in me when we first met, we recognised the connection from bygone days. You found that with David Icke his Energy is so powerful, his sincerity so real, his desire to bring Love and Peace to your troubled World so touching, you now understand why he has so many followers and so he should, he is unique.

You know what you must do my dear, it was planned long before you returned to Earth, as David told you it is set in stone, the outcome cannot be altered, he had to take the path he did, he never faltered irrespective of the cost and the pain, he knew he was right. How many would have had the courage to do as he did.? It takes guts to go against the norm.!

Look at all those who set out to destroy you my dear, the dishonesty, the slander you were subjected to by those I had trusted. there are very few honest people in the field of Psychical Research, not one of them prepared to rock the boat, all toe the line, preserving their jobs and status at all costs, it saddens me to see this. They are all locked into the illusion that they will have a comfortable life if they obey the rules as laid down by the Dark Side. Life on Earth is but a moment of your existence, live it honestly and with Love. It was not until I met you my dear and your family, my Soul group, that I learned what love was, the fact that I was capable of such great Love, it changed my life completely. Up to then I just did not fit in, my Light was not understood or welcomed in my environment, it was a difficult time. Love is the most precious gift of all, value it, share it, as you give out so you will receive , it comes back tenfold. You are living in difficult times when the Peace of your World is threatened by the Dark Side, remember never show fear, its what they want, only show love and concern for those who are being unjustly attacked. Always seek the truth, do not just accept the propaganda put forward by those whose greed is insatiable.

You know that all will be revealed when the timing is right, when it will have the greatest impact. Truth and truth alone will triumph. The bullet and the bomb will not succeed. Do not give in to the FEAR generated by those who wish to make you compliant. Know who you are, this can never be taken from you.

Another interesting week awaits you my dear, we enjoy the discussions too. All come together in Love and Light as you move forward to the Higher Energy Level where Peace and Harmony await you.

I am forever at your side surrounding you with my love, your adoring Husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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