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March 27, 2011

They will not succeed in their plans to take over planet Earth. We have watched their every move. We have, on many occasions, been able to prevent them from causing as much destruction as they had planned. Their thinking is so different from the majority of Earth beings. To understand fully their modus operandi, I chose to be born into it, to experience it from the inside. I was in it, but not of it. No matter how they forced it on me, I could never accept it. It was my purpose to experience it, but never to be part of it. Sadly, it was unleashed on you, my dear, the moment I passed to Spirit. This showed you the extent to which such people will go, to destroy that which they do not control. Do not be led like sheep down alleyways that take your minds off your purpose. Everything is geared to distract you from seeing what they are up to. Do not believe what you are told on TV or in newspapers. They are all puppets, controlled by the few.

The Cabal have begun to punch above their weight, they believe their own propaganda. God never made anyone superior to another, all are created equal in the eyes of the Supreme Being. The God of Justice would never be guilty of such an act. Open up to the beings of light that you are. Your light was extinguished a very long time ago. It is now time to restore your consciousness, your knowledge, your power, and to restore your planet peacefully and with love. You are of the light. This planet is yours. It will reconnect with all the other planets so that the universe will come together once more, to work and live in harmony. There are those who have the knowledge to re-establish contact. Real freedom will be experienced. The world of Spirit will work alongside you to make this happen.

The Dark Cabal believe they are invincible, that money alone will control everything. They will learn that the financial terrorism they unleashed on your world will be their undoing. People are seeing through their devious plans. You have just watched them systematically destroy the Moslem world from what was made to look like within. They carefully placed their puppets to create unrest, to encourage the people to demand freedom; when in fact, freedom does not exist anywhere. This gave them the opportunity to take over each country, as planned seven years ago, so that they control the oil and remove control from the people of each country. Not one country is safe from these plans, this is a world take-over. Do not fall for the illusions created to distract you. I know that it will be hard to accept that you could have been so blind to all this, to see those you once trusted, as puppets of the Cabal. They come to you, they ask for your votes, they promise everything, but deliver nothing at all. It does not matter in the end who you vote for. They all obey the same masters. It is all part of the illusion you are victims of.

If you remember that "nothing is as it seems" and treat everything as the fiction that it is, you will not go far wrong. Planet Earth belongs to those of the light; through LOVE — your greatest asset — you will restore it. You are on the cusp of a Great Change that will encompass everything. Nothing will remain as it is now. The corrupt will lose all that was important to them. The material wealth they strived for, will prove useless and worthless, it will not save them from their fate. Once exposed, they will have nowhere on Earth to run. They will face the wrath of those they exploited. They will experience justice, real justice.

Be aware that certain EVENTS are being deliberately staged, this year and next, to distract you from the reality of the situation your world is in. Listen to those who research the TRUTH, it is now flowing in all directions. People are speaking out, as they can no longer live with the deception they were part of. The FICTION of the so-called "Financial Crisis", the myth of "Global Warming", the "Threat of Terror Attacks", plus the ‘enemies’ they invented, when all the time, these were part of their great plan to take control of the planet. The "music" created by, and deliberately aimed at, the young and vulnerable, that has subliminal messages throughout, telling them to kill. This goes through ear-phones directly into the brains of the young, encouraging them to be violent and to kill each other. Education has been ‘dumbed down’ alarmingly. Bright children are targeted and discouraged. It's all part of their terrible plans. You need many more to be both awake and aware. The message is getting out there. You must wake-up to the fact that those in control do not see you as human. You are not part of their plans, they want only those of their blood-line to inhabit the Earth.

Race or creed does not matter. Do not allow these false divisions to distract you. The bottom line is that you are all of the Light, or part of the Dark Cabal. That is the only real division to recognise. Come together in light and love, do not look at creed or colour. Those of the light should be guided by love. They should come together in love, to enable the energy of love to speed things up. You have the power to change the energy of your world completely for the rest of time. All those who come after you, will speak of the courage and wisdom that guided you through these terrible times. Take every opportunity to listen to those who speak the truth, they were chosen to lead you forward out of the darkness.

My dear, you have had a very busy week, both fulfilling family commitments as well as our work. The New Dawn beckons. It will be welcomed by all who value truth.

My love is yours forever. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Update 04-03-'11: Veronica is in Ireland (Dublin) for a few days. There will be NO MESSAGE this week.

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