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March 20, 2011

Do not despair, they will not succeed with their Evil Plans. Their determination to create an excuse for war was so obvious. Their eyes said it all. Do they not realise that people know when they are being lied to. Time is running out for them, they face exposure. They needed a war before all the NATURAL changes that will occur to change the world as you know it today, happen. They are determined to cut the population before these changes begin. Remember, my dear, some months ago, we told you of the missiles that were launched by the US, to attack either Israel or the US, and to pretend that it was China who attacked. They fear China. China does not want the New World Order and so in their eyes will have to be dealt with. The New World Order are a ruthless, soulless group, driven by greed and control. They are different in every possible way from all of you. They control your governments. The puppets they place "in power" are spineless, weak individuals, who crave position in life. Do not look to them for help: they obey orders, or a bullet will move them on.

Send your love and prayers to the stoic people of Japan. They have learned a hard lesson. They did not want a New World Order and would not obey orders. They have paid a very high price. You have all witnessed what happened, yet why do so many of you continue to support these people. Do not close your eyes, as so many are crying out in unimaginable pain. The New World Order cannot achieve their take-over without your help. Yes, each and every one of you must look to your conscience on this matter. Ask, "What can I do?". Know that your silence is tantamount to supporting their actions. I did warn you that it would be difficult before it got better. If only you could see the changes that are happening. Many of you are aware of the vibrational changes. It is the closing of the old and the beginning of your awakening to full consciousness, when you will connect with the essence of who you truly are. Peace and harmony will replace the darkness you have endured throughout your lives. Do not be alarmed. Remember, never allow the fear that has kept you in chains, to enter your lives. The changes are God-driven. We in Spirit, are here to assist you. The people who push fear on TV and in newspapers are but puppets, reading the script laid before them. The truth is out there for those who seek it.

Amongst all the turmoil, look at the flowers, the blossoms regaling the trees as they spring into life once more, just as all of you will blossom into the beautiful Spirits that you are. We are doing our best. We have prevented many of their plans. They are a cancer that has spread into every corner of your world. But cancer is man-made and so it can be removed. Look at the children of the world. Know that through your efforts they will live unhindered in a world where love of creation and ones fellow man will be the order of the day. No other planet lives as you do. They communicate freely with each other, they share energy, etc. All divisions will go, there will be mind-to-mind communication, just as in the world of Spirit where everything is thought and light.

When all obstacles are removed and you see the beauty of planet Earth in all its splendour for the first time, it will be an experience you will never forget. All that has been blocked from you will be completely restored. Think of your time on Earth as an extended visit to another planet. The body that you use for the trip is of no consequence. It is your soul, your Spirit, that is eternal. It must be nourished with love and care. Far too much emphasis is placed on the body, to take your minds off your souls, which are a reflection of the Spirit of God, the Supreme Being. Trust in his Love. Fear is so destructive. This is why it is used against you. Listen to John Mack’s words on this. He was a man of light, who is now working to bring light to your world. All the planets will be there to help Earth to restore energy and update your technology.

Remember, my dear, the Andromedans tried to assist us when I was investigating the Scole Experiments. They showed themselves, they tried to communicate, but the mediums did not have the backbone to pursue this. They refused to sit again. Your world would be in a very different position now, if they had listened to me and allowed the Andromedans to communicate and assist your awakening. They showed themselves on film. You saw it. We sat at the farm in excitement and wonderment. But the mediums were adamant, they would not sit again. Though they have been happy to live off the publicity gained from Scole, the fact is, they flunked the opportunity to rescue the world from the Dark Cabal. They put their foot in the water of contact, but withdrew it as soon as the unknown beckoned them. What an opportunity missed, to expand your understanding of the universe and restore light and peace. It takes courage to go forward, to step into the unknown even though you know it is the right thing to do. Together, you will go forward into the light. There are millions of you, now fully awakened.

Take time to enjoy the Springtime, it was always your favourite time. My love is with you, your adoring, Monty.

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