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April 10, 2011

Firstly, we must explain why you were unable to write with me last week. You were fulfilling a dream. You were speaking at a conference in Ireland — TOWARDS NEW DIMENSIONS. Occasionally, this will have to take precedence over our weekly communications, as the world awakens to the Light. In Ireland, you were able to reconnect with souls from ancient times, when light was the norm and full consciousness was enjoyed by all, and the universe was one big interconnected family. It is returning to this, once more. I did warn that the Dark Cabal would go to unprecedented lengths to try to prevent Man from awakening. Just think what evil minds could dream up. The destruction you are witnessing, the so-called ‘emergencies’ they create as reasons for going to war, when in fact, everything is planned well in advance. Ask, why do some still believe the blatant lies that are put forward to explain why they had to intervene. Sadly, if someone is in government, then they are there because the Cabal placed them there, to serve the Cabal. Do not be fooled by fine words and assurances that are uttered to keep you under control.

So many of you are now aware of the many changes happening in your bodies. This is all positive. It's like flower buds blossoming into the beautiful souls that they are; their light shines forth in the darkness. This is happening everywhere, even in countries that still have tyrants governing them. People are crying out for enlightenment. They turn to David Icke, to show the way. He is pure of mind and spirit. His driving force is to free mankind from the tyranny of control and supplication. Engage with his energy whenever possible. Experience the love he exudes to all mankind. Seek those who speak truth. There are many who devote their time and energy to bring forth the Great Awakening.

The effort that the Cabal puts into trying to prevent the Awakening, shows how desperate they are to stop it. As babies are being born with full DNA, governments now insist that they must be vaccinated at two months of age, to prevent the pineal gland from connecting with Spirit. Think about this for a moment. These are the same people whom you have voted into office. Remember when they came to your door, all smiling, promising to work for the benefit of all. The bottom line is, it does not matter whom you vote for, they all serve the same masters!

Again, I say to you, "nothing is as it seems", it is all an illusion. This becomes more apparent each day, as more revelations come to your attention. Sport, TV, fashion, cinema and music, are all used to distract you, to prevent you from seeing the truth. Look at all the people who control all this: they are all connected with the Cabal. You saw for yourself, this week, an example of the hatred they have for those who do not belong to their race or belief system. It was exactly the same as when I passed to Spirit. Soon, they will see themselves in their true light — parasites, who have lived off the misery of those they chose to see as lesser beings. The Transition will reveal the real truth. The damage to your planet will be repaired. It will be restored to its full glory. Peace and love will be the order of the day. The killing will stop forever. Your friends from other planets show you how to live life on Earth without the necessity to kill or invade other countries or planets. Astral Travel will be enjoyed, once more. Once you open your minds to all possibilities and realise the infinite beings you are — the power of thought — believe you can do it, and you will. It is as simple as that. You did not enter life with restrictions. These were imposed on you.

All that was hidden from you will come to light. The Banking Cabal, who have caused such destruction and suffering, will no longer matter, as money as you know it today, will no longer exist. They created great wealth out of absolutely nothing. Their ability to ‘con’ people into believing them, is evident even today, when so much is out in the open. What you are up against, here, is the people's ability to believe that those who look like fellow human beings could ever be so evil. You must learn NOT to judge others by your standards. This is why they have got where they are today. You must learn to see Evil where evil exists. Pray for them, send them love. Love alone will defuse their evil. Just because they look like you, does not mean that they ARE like you. This is an important lesson to learn. They cannot exist in the light, so you must create love and light at all times. This will free you from their tyranny. See yourselves as taking part in a Great Crusade to return your world to peace and love.

The right people are all connecting with each other to support and assist in this operation. It does not matter where in the world the are, they will all connect as one. You know, my dear, the plans that we in Spirit have, to reconnect with Earth. We watch over it. We try to prevent the Cabal from carrying out all its plans in their desperate effort to keep control. Think of the pyramid: the top is shaking as the lower part expands and withdraws support. Lucifer is losing his grip. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted from your destiny. Do not believe what governments tell you. Look at their DEEDS: by their DEEDS you shall know them. Words are used to deceive. You are awake, now, and can no longer be deceived. When you face reality, then you can go forward.

We in Spirit, are so grateful to all those who, by their efforts, bring the light to others at this most important time of transition. I am at your side always, supporting and assisting when necessary, to guide you forward. It is not an easy path. Remember when I was on Earth, I used to say, "Together we could conquer the world". Our love was so powerful. Now, I say to you, it still is and always will be. Your adoring, Monty.

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Comment from one of our readers:

"This messqge transmits such a powerful ray of hope. Most all that I receive offer the same but a few times out of many I have become a bit discouraged. Now each day I feel more and more certain that this beautiful planet will continue on as it is meant to.
Thank you Monty. Once again you, Michael and the Galactic Federation, have made my days brighter.....as they should be for all of us.
Blessings and much love to all of you.
Jean" (04-10-'11)

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