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July 25, 2010

Only the small secrets need to be protected; the Big ones are kept secret by public incredulity
- Marshal Mc Luhan

This was sent to me this morning by a lady in Washington, its truth says it all. Thank you Betsy.

As people wake up from the state of ignorance that they were living in they begin to see those they were obliged to trust as the manipulators that they are, their agenda is becoming more obvious every day. Yes, it is a shock to have to accept that all you had trusted and believed in is not based on truth. It is also hard to accept and admit that you were take in by what now seem such obvious lies and distortions of the truth. No one likes to admit that they were used and abused. It is now time for all that was kept hidden from you to come to the surface, I am not the only Spirit saying this, look at all the other websites who are in communication with Spirit, you are all being guided to Truth. Light and Truth are now in confrontation with Dark and Corruption, the dark are using every ploy at their disposal to take your minds off what is really happening, the old chestnut of Global Warming is once more being pushed forward to make you feel guilty so you will agree to more controls and taxes. How many times do I need to remind you, no person on Earth controls or can even change one iota of what is NATURAL and meant to happen, as night follows day, seasons change, this the pattern of events that is supposed to happen, the changes that are happening are part of the change that is programmed to happen, nothing Man can do will alter this. Wake up, do not fall victim to these manipulations.

As more of you become aware that you are Infinite Consciousness, Truth is the only weapon you need. As David Icke points out, you transform your Prison into the Paradise it was intended to be. Find your voice, support those who speak out on your behalf, go to their Talks, their Conferences, the Truth Movement is there for you, you owe it to yourself and future generations to make the change so that the transition to the Higher Energy Level is less traumatic due to the tactics of the evil ones. Yes, the Dark side try to convince both themselves and others that they alone are in control, sadly the foolish believe this. Take back what is yours by birthright. The Energy Change that is happening now will facilitate this, it is your opportunity to open up to who you really are and why you happen to be on the Earth at this time. Know that you are living through one of the most important periods of the Earth's existence. Those who think that if they keep their eyes closed they will not jeopardise what they have that they will be "safe" have a rude awakening coming. The Dark Side have plans, they need slaves to carry out these plans, they have no respect for you, you are cannon fodder to them. They will continue to contaminate the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink until you become the zombies they require to meekly obey their orders.

Light and Love are there for you, there is no need for fear, ignorance, illness or war, you can create a World without them, its up to you, this is your opportunity to change your World. We in spirit thank all those who devote their lives to taking the message to Humanity, it is possible to bring Light into even the darkest hearts. You are the true leaders who help to create a better world for all Humanity. Love and Love alone should drive you forward , my wife and I work on both sides of life to bring these changes about.

Rise above the man-made differences that were created so as to Divide and Rule. See the "man-made accidents and disasters" for what they truly are and their purpose and the reality of the situation you are in will suddenly dawn on you and you will wonder how you could have fallen for such obvious lies. Once you are awake such lies cannot be used again. Look at people you are expected to trust, look at what they do not what they say, it is time to question everything. Look into their eyes, the mirrors of the Soul, the eyes of the Soulless become dark almost black holes exposing their darkness. Each and every Soul on Earth has a Guardian, an Angel to guide and support them, do not ignore them, they cannot interfere in your lives, they have to be invited to help and guide you on your path of life. When I came to Spirit I had to talk with and ask permission from Veronica's Guardian, his name is Albert so that I could continue to work with her, he gave his blessing to this.

Veronica my dear, you are working so hard these days, you have taken on a heavy load, I promise you Truth will triumph, look at all those wonderful souls in so many different Countries who have come forward to walk this path with you. People of the Light are coming together, the barriers of language and Nationality removed, Truth is bringing everyone together, a true awakening is happening.

Please take time for you my love, you need to rest. Everything you do you do for me, you said you would complete my work, your love and devotion to me is a testament to what true love can achieve. I am very proud to be your adoring Husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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