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August 1, 2010

Veronica, my own dear wife who struggles to bring Truth and Enlightenment to Mankind in my name and under my guidance. As one door closed this week under unjustified fear another bright and beautiful door opened and shared their Light with you. It is good for you to share with others who are awake and aware of the Corruption that surrounds your Planet. Remember that the corrupt cannot live in the Light so the more Light that is created the quicker your World will change. Those who control the money have done so since time immemorial, as their GREED grew so did their control, it is everywhere and until all Mankind wake up to this and refuse to be part of this their Great Takeover. They dangle carrots so those foolish people who crave Power and status sell their Eternal Souls for something that is so transitory. In every war, in every corrupt gangster organisation in your World you will find them in the shadows feeding the money to create the unrest and so cause war. Those same people have got away with this for thousands of years, now because of the awakening that is taking place it will come to an end, they cannot cope with the Higher Energy that is progressing nicely and will change your World. You were delighted my love when you learned that NASA Scientists are now confirming what we have been telling you about the Earth's Energy is moving to a Higher Level and that your DNA will be restored to what it once was before it was interfered with by those who wanted to control you. Babies are now being born with their DNA completely restored, they will become beacons of Light in your World, this is fact also. I have asked Veronica to give you the link to this information. the scientist is; Susan Joy Rennison, she has an Honours Degree in Physics and Geophysics in a British University, the link is; http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2010/07jul/RIR-100725.php. I promise that all who seek truth will enjoy such honesty and integrity, she is indeed a lady of the Light.

The evidence for what we have been telling you is now available so that those who rejected both what you said and wrote must now reconsider their stance. You my love knew it was truth, I would never lie to you, you stuck to what you believed and as I constantly point out, the Truth always comes out in the end. It is time for Truth on all levels. Your Governments and Religions know this and so will strive to keep their control, they will lie and cheat to do this, Power is like a drug to them, they cannot exist without it. Watch out, they will manipulate everything to try to convince you that you must obey their laws. Look at the killing that is done in the name of protecting "Peace". They are the people who do not want Peace, there is no money to be made in Peacetime. Step back from the FEAR they create by convincing you that you have "Enemies" all wanting to take from you when it is those who make the money are the real enemies of your Civilisation. Money is the root of all Evil. Those people will never know Peace, they always want more. They deliberately create "Disasters" so that they can make money, they have no respect for you the people or the Earth that they damage. You have entered a Time of Enlightenment, open up to it, learn the Truth, follow those who speak only truth and compassion. As the Light of Truth shines brightly across your World and with your DNA restored you will see things as they really are, you will no longer live in the Darkness of the corrupt, you become the beautiful Beings of Light you really are, pure consciousness, part of all that is and ever will be. All that is now hidden will be revealed. This Time of Enlightenment has been written about throughout the ages, its all there in the scripts, you have only to look. Remove the heavy cloak of Darkness that was forced on you from birth, become free, embrace the Light, enjoy the freedom to know who you truly are, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

2010 and 2011 will bring about many changes, the enlightened will be aware and will deal with each one in the knowledge that they were necessary to create the Peace and Harmony that is sadly missing in your World. Love and I mean Love in its true sense will become something to treasure, when you know true love, then you have a connection with your Creator. Love was deliberately devalued to confuse you so that what you were taught was love was mere lust. So much has been devalued, you are mislead from cradle to grave, it is all well planned to keep you under control. Once you see what is being done, you will refuse to be part of it, all you need is to say"Not in my name" quietly and with dignity. Together you have the Power to do this, it is your right to live in Peace. More people will come forward to offer help, those who cannot physically offer help can also help by sending their thoughts and prayers to ask for those changes necessary for Peace in your world. We are here to guide you at all times.

You need time for you too my love, I thank your friends who are there for you. We in spirit are grateful to you, your commitment to our work is total, I could not ask for more. I remain your adoring Husband, Monty.

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