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July 18, 2010

With so many photographs and video clips of U F O's finding their way to you as evidence of what you have been told. Ask why your Press and T V ignore such visits from other Planets, why do they want to keep you in blissful ignorance,? Veronica you had the privilege of spending many hours both in America and England talking with the great Dr. John Mack and so had no problem accepting that there are other Planets with Beings far in advance of ours, it served your Controllers to keep you in ignorance of this fact. The truth cannot be stopped, in every corner of your World people are speaking out and are being listened to. The great Awakening is happening, it is set in stone, no power on Earth can stop it. Those who truly work for the greater good of Mankind do so willingly, unselfishly, they do not expect payment of any sort, Truth is what drives them. Truth that has been kept hidden from you on all levels so as to control you for their own ends. Those who pass themselves off as Human Beings who have bought Power and control through corrupt means will not succeed. Planet Earth is not and never will be theirs. Though they use every evil means at their disposal to create enough FEAR so that Man will trust them to "protect" them, when to protect them is the last thing they want to do. Soon their devious plans will become obvious to all.

The Vail was lifted and those who seek truth have only to look, seek it for themselves, never has it been so easy as it is now. So many young men are drawn into organisations that have questionable motives during their University days, they are drawn into situations and corrupt practices as a result, they are taught that they owe loyalty to these organisations and are made to feel obliged to go along with whatever is asked of them. Such decisions made at such an early age should not be accepted as binding.

Learn to question everything, do not accept anything at face value. Those who deceive you are well practiced , they have had centuries of practice at it. They have altered every "Truth" , they have managed to convince so many of you to accept it and abide by it. You have all been lied to. All the belief systems you have given your lives to are only there to control you, to keep you in line. In my last incarnation I had to be strong and stand up for what I believed, I refused to be drawn into the control system I was born into, I saw the bigger picture, I was awake. It takes courage to step out of line, I was a seeker of truth, I now try to open your lives up to the truth. I know I was right, I could not do what I do now if I had been wrong.!!! Stop deluding yourselves, wake up.

As Veronica will tell you music played a great part in that life, we enjoyed it, it nourishes the Soul so instead of the mindless T V programs etc. listen to music. Look around you at the beauty of the trees and flowers, nature at its best, it helps link with your higher self, your true Being. Release your mind from the bondage that you have unconsciously become looked into. You are a free Being, no one owns you or controls you anymore. Allow Love to flow into your life and you will feel fulfilled. Love is what guides you, not fear, the Power of Love is so great, it makes everything possible.

Look to the future with hope not fear, the truth will set you free. we in the Network are guiding people to come to know who they truly are and what their purpose is at this time of Great Change on Planet Earth. We will reveal ourselves when the timing is right.

Please support my dear wife on this lonely path she has chosen so as to bring Truth and Harmony to all. In this year of change many Truths will be revealed to you, I was always accepted as a man of my word, this has not changed.

My love, I am with you always, I will continue to show that you are never alone, we will never part. I will always be your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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