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October 24, 2010

Excitement mounts around your world as the truth is revealed and awakening occurs, it is a joy to observe my dear, our work combined with other awakened souls has brought this about, you are on the precipice of full consciousness. As more stop complying with the corrupt system that has imprisoned and controlled you for centuries you see the Light of freedom, Love and Peace for all men. Look only to those who embrace the Light. There are those who call themselves Physical Researchers who are guilty of preventing you from knowing the truth. This is why I asked you not to have anything to do with those I had worked with and who tried to prevent my work from ever seeing the light of day. Remember my dear, as I lay on the Hospital bed having had a Heart Bypass, they conspired against me, they almost succeeded in preventing the Scole Report that I had worked so hard on from being made public, even those who pretended to support me did their utmost to prevent publication and only under duress allowed me to publish it as part of the SPR proceedings, not in book form as I had wished. We have all the letters that were written at that time. It was a hard lesson for both of us, look not at what they say, their actions alone reveal the truth. I am sorry my dear that all those terrible memories were brought to the fore for you once more with the news of the death of David Fontana. He now has to face the reality of the Afterlife, it was not quite what he expected, death is a beautiful experience, one you will all come to know one day.

To more important matters my dear, the Dark Cabal is struggling to survive as your world awakens, they are quite desperate. They have ruthlessly ruled your world without any regard for Humanity. They have ignored the suffering that their plundering has caused. Their riches will not save them. They printed money that did not exist, they charged interest on it, their actions have destroyed Countries as well as people who were enslaved by them. All of you are aware of the changes that are taking place, you feel it in your Souls. There is powerful Energy enveloping your world, you no longer believe the lies regarding "your enemies who will attack your country", this one has been used throughout your history, it does not work anymore. You are part of the Divine Plan to rescue your Planet, have compassion for those who still have problems understanding what is happening, lead them gently forward. We have Portals around the world, we will use these to show ourselves, we will support and guide you. You will be guided to all the information necessary to make the changes required to attain Full consciousness. You are entering the Age of Enlightenment, fear and anxiety will not exist, they were the tools of the Cabal. You will look at the families and Institutions that enslaved your world, you will ask yourselves how on Earth could you have believed their lies. You will learn to see things as they really are not as you are told they are. It is time to wake up, feel the Divine Love that surrounds you. As your rulers loose their power, you see them for what they are, then at last you will see that the real Power rests with you, yes each and every one of you. You are each a Being of Light whose Light was darkened by the Cabal, when you experience your Light returning, you will see your World as though for the first time. You will no longer eat food that is contaminated, breathe air that is polluted, disease will be but a bad memory. We in the Network have planned this Transition down to the last detail.

All those who have built their Empires on Corruption will fade out of existence. The families who pillaged and plundered and lived off the riches of your world will return to the world all that was plundered, Justice will prevail, real Justice not the kind you experienced. No one is above Divine Law, everyone has to answer for their actions whether on Earth or in the Afterlife. You each have to fulfil your Divine Purpose. Learn to speak up when you see injustice, remember that by keeping quiet you are giving permission for it to continue and so you are complicit in it. Find your voice, speak your truth, feel the Love that is released as you remove fear and anxiety from your lives. You will succeed, Truth will set you free, this is your time. I am at your side through this Transition, your adoring husband , Monty

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