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October 31, 2010

What a wonderful day we had yesterday as both sides of life came together in happy unison. To be able to talk with you all and bring information that is important to the transition that is taking place. Our aim is to guide you through to the 5 th Dimension without too many problems. The Dark Forces are desperately trying to put up barriers to prevent this, putting out false information to create fear of attack when in fact they are the ones in fear of being exposed and loosing control so they give out this false information, by the end of the week there will be more stories of attack that will not hold water when in fact what they are doing is desperately trying to prevent Enlightenment and so keep control. Because they are the ones needing protection they seek to create a war situation, this they believe would show them in a good light. Last time it was Iraq and weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, what story will they present this time?

They are doing it all themselves... they are unfolding their own destiny. Their World Domination is fast coming to an end. People will not be foolish enough to believe their stories of enemies and weapons of mass destruction this time. You will see all those bastions of control and Power collapse like a pack of cards... its already happening. Soon you will see the abdication of Elizabeth 11 of England. You will see the True History of your world revealed thus revealing when all this terrible corruption started that you have been kept blind to for centuries. There are people whose work and whose word can be trusted 100%, David Icke and Michael Tsarion, men of Honour and Truth. David was brought to you for a reason, David talks to you my dear on a much higher level not commonly known. We tell you who to trust, H. M. was also sent, you can trust him, he is one of the chosen few, we will give you information for him soon that will make a lot of sense to him,

John ( Dr John Mack) was delighted when you instantly recognised him yesterday, Ancient History excites him, he is now busy researching the period you asked about, he will happily advise on how to proceed, he looks forward to his next visit. he said you deserve 10 marks for instant recognition.! Yes that was a very interesting period in the history of your world, it was when the Corruption began in earnest and the false information was planted, death was the punishment for those who questioned it.

You asked about D. F. , yes I have met him twice, only short visits. It was not what he expected, he expected to be on a much higher level, he's not in a low one but not as high as he expected, he is not where John and I are, yes he expected to be with us but it is not possible. We never did see eye to eye, it's still the same, he needs to rest. Yes he will communicate but not on this level. People still have the wrong idea of this side of life.

Yes darling the fault lines touching are still causing disasters to occur, California will have a disaster, I cannot give you an exact timescale on this but they are aware and are concerned about the movement. These are natural disasters, they cannot be stopped. You asked if there are other Beings living within tour Planet, yes this is so, they live under your seas, you are not alone on your Planet. There are Beings on many Planets, why would anyone think that only Planet Earth existed.?

I have been telling you for 6 years that Global Warming was a myth used to control you further and charge you for the privilege . The resignation letter from HAROLD LEWIS , Emeritus Professor of Physics, Uni. of California, Chairman of APS study on Nuclear Research Study etc. etc. This Honourable man has had the courage to expose what he calls the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific FRAUD he has seen as a physicist . When Man learns the truth about his History I wonder if this will surpass this as the greatest scam. the Dark Cabal use everything possible to dominate and control Mankind. Now that Mankind are seeing the light and asking questions, the Cabal resort once more to WAR to escape exposure. Who believes them anymore, people can no longer be led like sheep, your time is up, go gracefully or experience exposure, the wrath of those you used to create your wealth.

As people learn the Truth and realise how they have been used and abused by those they had trusted they will find it difficult to control their anger. Remember it is up to you to create a World of Peace and Understanding, Step back from their hidden Evil, their psychopathic influence that has kept you under control and ruled your world. Take back your World, your Dignity , your Honour, re-connect with your Soul once more, know who you are. No man had dominion over another. We work with you to bring Peace and Harmony for all. Your adoring husband, Monty.

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