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October 17, 2010

My dear Veronica, you are certainly living in exciting times. As the Dark Cabal desperately seek ways to hold on to their illicit power, they are planning a very deep recession this time so as to take peoples minds off what is really happening. We have told you that your Governments hold massive amounts of money, this is well hidden from you, they are not in debt, they try to force you to believe that they are. My dear when the Shift is complete, many of you aware of the change of Energy that is taking place, you feel you are in a hurry and cannot keep up, its because the Earth is moving faster, you loose your temper more easily, your DNA is changing, you are just trying to keep up with these changes. One of the big changes is that money will no longer figure in your lives, yes this is hard to envisage right now, remember we have explained this to you.

There are 2 Comets fast approaching Earth as yet not noticed by your Astronomers , they will not hit Earth. Also the Earth Plates are actually touching, when they rub together they will cause Floods and other Disasters, these are meant to happen. You have been shown photographs of Crop Circles recently, some are man-made but those that are made by Beings on other Planets are placed there to pass on information. Unfortunately people choose only to see them as a means to make money, they fail to see the message conveyed in them. We have told you how to "read" them. Greed gets in the way of everything on your Planet. Right now Earth is completely out of control if we do not step in it faces the destruction of the human Race. Each and every one has the power to prevent this. Without your compliance, the few could not hold Power, then ask yourselves this question, in this case "Who really has the power." They rule by Fear, this fake Alien Invasion that they are planning whose only purpose is to create fear will fail.

They cannot expect us to stand idly by and allow mankind to be manipulated in this way. We have plans of our own to show them up for what they are, we will rescue Mankind from their clutches, it is long overdue. The whole structure of Control in England will soon change forever. As more information comes to Light from so many different directions, Truth can no longer be kept hidden. Mankind is waking up and asking questions and is no longer willing to accept "its the law" when it blatantly is not. The Dark Cabal are in turmoil, they refused to see this coming, they foolishly believed they would rule forever. Their satanic practices will not save them. The drinking of Blood that has gone on for centuries will cease, no matter how it is dressed up, it is a Satanic Ritual with an Evil Purpose, you have all been lied to, it is this that has kept them in power. With Truth comes Freedom from repression.

The Hate that is generated by the Evil ones causes so much pain to the innocent, I in my last incarnation choose to "marry out" as it was known, the Hatred directed against my wife to punish us was so great it caused the health problems of our first born child, he passed to spirit when still a baby, I found him, I brought him to visit Veronica. Their action resulted in so much pain for my 1st wife, she never got over it, we had no idea that people could be so destructive and full of hate. This Hatred is passed down from Generation to generation, as you have become only too aware of.

Recently (9/10/10 at 19.32 pm) Rob who was so driven by Hate called you to boast of this Hatred, now the Police have record of it. When I first passed to Spirit you were getting threatening calls from Oliver, the Police traced and recorded them, you could not deal with the fact that people could be so Evil. It is Evil such as this that will be removed forever, I promise you this. My dear wife can you ever forgive me for bringing such terrible people into your live. Because we have both experienced such Hatred we are well placed to be part of the team that removes it forever.

As David Icke reaches out today to the people of New York, please send your thoughts and prayers that the Truth will be well received . Many years ago David had the courage to seek the truth, now he travels the world to share it with those who are ready to awaken to the reality of their existence on Planet Earth. Reach out with Love in your heart as David does, even to those who harm you. One can only pity those whose lives are so driven by Hate and Greed, they never experience Love, they never really see the beauty of the Rose, the smile of welcome from a loved one , the joy of giving and sharing. Remember it is you the People who have the Power to make the changes necessary for your World to become a just and peaceful Planet for all to live in harmony together. It can be done.

We in the Network are prepared to act when needed, we will be there, this is our solemn promise. I am forever your adoring Husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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