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September 23, 2012

The 23rd of September, the anniversary of the day you became my bride. Our happiness was such that we thought we would go on forever. We are going on forever, but not quite in the way we imagined. Now, I assist in what is your work on Earth and must be seen as such. There will be times when you will not be able to write with me; people will understand this. I did warn you that it would not be easy, that there would be blockages along the way. Your determination to succeed is commendable. This is your divine path. I can only assist. There are many others on this side of life, shining a light on what must be done. Please ensure that you are grounded at all times. Your attack, last Sunday, in daylight, and with others around you, should act as a warning to always be on guard. The Dark Ones are fighting for their existence. They will fight anyone who shines a light on them. You need rest. You cannot carry this on your shoulders alone. I am happy to see that everything is becoming clearer. You never suspected your connection to certain places during your many lives on Planet Earth.

All attempts to start World War III with Iran have failed. The people of Iran have no desire to fight a war with anyone. It is only the few who want war. It is time for the killing to stop. There will be no room for the warmongers when humanity returns to the Light. As the majority raise their vibration, they see clearly the manipulation of the few and they reject it. They are no longer willing to be conned into accepting false "reasons" why there must be war. The slaughter of innocents will not be accepted, no matter what reason is given. You know that the same "reasons" have been trotted out over the centuries; the same old formula over and over again. But it just will not work anymore. The soul-less few will have to think again.

Who on Earth, will believe there is going to be an "alien invasion!" Who would want to invade a prison planet, other than to free humanity from the slavery inflicted on it by the Cabal. You should welcome them with open arms as your saviours should they "invade". The Cabal has been planning this invasion, – "Project Bluebeam" – for years. It was just a matter of time before they wheeled it out. They have the technology prepared and ready for action. But people are wiser now and are no longer ready to be fooled by the false propaganda and hysteria that worked in the past. The light of truth shines brightly in your world and it gets brighter each day. The Great Awakening is happening. It cannot be stopped. 2012 is your year to realise who you are and what you are capable of, once the shackles are removed. You will be free to enjoy life on a planet of peace and harmony. It is no longer a dream; it is happening. Your courage and willingness to explore the truth has brought this about. There is no going back.

It will be fun, learning your true history. This, alone, will make an enormous difference. History should be based on fact, not fiction. The few responsible for creating the fiction will be exposed for the frauds that they are. It will upset some, that they were totally taken in by the fraud, and truly believed it. They are not alone: so many accepted it or had it forced on them by the sword. Sadly, those who resisted it were put to death. The wish to survive forced many to accept the false doctrine. Unfortunately, they then passed it on from generation to generation. This is how it survived. When the darkness is completely lifted you will see and experience life as never before. It will become a joyous experience. The darkness cannot and will not survive in the light. You, on the other hand, will become the Beings of Light that you are.

Much is being put in place to bring this about. You will not have long to wait. Both sides of life are working together as one. It is a joint operation. We are almost there. The timing is right. We have waited a long time to bring this about. We needed certain people to be in place so that there can be a smooth transition.

Ireland will play a huge part in restoring truth. All will be revealed as the Holy Land of the Aryan people – the people of the Light. Their light will shine brightly once more as they travel to the four corners of the Earth, as they did in days gone by, to share their light with others. Ireland is ready to give up her secrets that were so brutally hidden or destroyed by those who took control. The Irish, everywhere, will embrace the truth. All nations will come together in friendship, never again to declare war or suppress others for greed or control. The Irish people must hope that Mr Kenny will not abandon the innocent children that he defended not long ago, as he is feted by those who abused and crushed them mercilessly. You have come a long way in this year of 2012. There are just the final stages to get through, and now that you are open and wiser, you can see the end result is within your grasp.

My dear wife has much resting on her shoulders. Please understand, if occasionally, she has to be elsewhere, working on your behalf. She will be able to explain, one day, and you will know the truth of our collaboration. Veronica and I have been together in many lives, so working together comes naturally to us.

My dear, try to keep calm and grounded. Others will help you. You know what must be done. Trust that all the necessary help will be provided. I, and others, will be at your side at all times.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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