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October 7, 2012

Mark Twain

What my wife did last Sunday was of great importance. To the many who took part, I say a heartfelt "thank you". As you stood on the Hill of Tara, the clouds separated, the sky became blue over Tara, and the energy was powerful. It is important to acknowledge the connection in times past between Egypt and Ireland. This was written out of history by those who took control of your world. The truth of those times explains a lot, for this is when the real history was changed completely and Irish history was stolen.

Many travelled from other countries to take part on this historic day. The World of Spirit showed that they, too, had a part to play, as there was no rain or cloud over Tara during the ceremonies.

The ceremony to remove "The Curse of Patrick from Tara" was long overdue. Now, his influence has been removed forever. Patrick is responsible for death and destruction. He condemned the Irish people to live (or should I say, exist) under the direct control of the Vatican. He destroyed all that was good in a people who lived by love and learning. His memory should be erased forever. It is time to face the facts and take back your sovereignty. Then the world will learn of IESA, the one they usurped and whose name they changed to Jesus. They even created a fictional family for him. This fraud was forced upon you by the armies of Rome. It is time for Rome to face exposure, and for people to become the spiritual beings that they are.

Veronica, it was necessary to explain, that when you baptise a child - irrespective of religion - serious VOWS are made on behalf of that child. THESE VOWS ARE BINDING unless formally revoked. This fact is not fully understood by those who see it as a social occasion and speak for the child without his consent. Think about it - it is a serious matter, not to be entered into lightly.

It was good that you gave those present the opportunity to revoke those vows and take back their sovereignty. It was an emotional and powerful ceremony entered into by adults capable of making their own decisions. The capture of souls at such an early age is a despicable thing. Tom Ryan did a good job of removing the ties of the Vatican on the Hill of Tara. I say again, "Ireland is the key that will unlock everything." This key is turning in the lock, and this was the first step in unlocking the chains that kept you shackled to a corrupt regime.

I shared your joy, my love, when you met Barry. He is indeed a pure spirit. His beautiful energy embraces all who meet him. Yes, he was a druid in ancient times and like Fergus, and Mike R, he has returned to restore Ireland, and through this action bring peace to your world.

We are still managing to prevent the war that the corrupt so badly need. They are losing their power to control governments and they are beginning to look ridiculous in their desperation. They are seeing all their plans just falling apart. The fraud that was forced on mankind is now exposed for those with eyes to see. It is as plain as day. The crimes of the Church of Rome against humanity must come out into the open, to be exposed and answered for. Now that the light of truth is becoming stronger each day, it exposes all that must be discovered. Together, both sides of life will celebrate the removal of the Dark Ones, and this will begin in Ireland. The New Age of peace and light is fast approaching. Prepare to welcome it.

This side of life is with you every step of the way. You have come such a long way in recent years as you awaken out of the hypnotic state that was imposed upon you. Please support each other in this time of change, as together you are so powerful. Everything is being put in place to create the right circumstances for the final step into the light. Every country should be on board, as all will reap the rewards of this massive effort to remove the Dark forever. You are making history; creating a future free of corruption for all humanity. All assistance will be given: you only have to ask. Miracles are happening every day at this time of change.

Please understand that my dear wife is working on projects that cause her a great deal of worry and stress. These projects must and will be completed. It is the purpose for which she returned to the Earth. Being among her people in Ireland was a great joy for her, and being able to help free them from the restrictions placed on them by the Vatican, was a miracle in her eyes. They are now free spirits, coming together in truth and love.


Their gratitude, and ours, goes to ENDA KENNY [Irish Prime Minister] for opening the door to enable the world to go forward into the light. It was a small step for Ireland but a huge step for mankind. Enda Kenny is a brave man who stands for truth and refuses to bow to those who lie and abuse the innocent children of the world.

Everything is coming together nicely. Your energy and commitment is appreciated. Together, we will step into the future: both sides of life standing as one.

My dear, you know what you must do. You have the support and prayers of those who seek truth and light. I am with you always.

Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Update October 14:

Once again, I am unable to write with Monty on this occasion, as I am away from home. I shall share the details with you at some time in the future.
I ask you to consider the process of PROCLAIMING YOUR SOVEREIGNTY by CLEARING ALL ENSLAVING MIND PROCESSES and DISENGAGING FROM ENERGETIC ATTACKS. This process, which follows the earlier procedure, has been outlined in detail by Tom Ryan. The document, in PDF format, is provided on the homepage of this site.

With love and best wishes


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