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May 22, 2011

Every day the Great Conspiracy becomes more obvious as people wake up and see the truth that was right there in front of their eyes. But in their hypnotic state they could not see it. The conspirators were so confident that you would never wake up that they never bothered to hide anything; in fact, it was a source of amusement to them, how the stupid Goyim believed everything that was placed before them. They gave their trust, even though it was blatantly obvious that they were being complicit in their own destruction. The people who "lead" you are specially chosen and groomed to act as front men; to convince you that they have your best interests at heart so that you trust them and become like sheep going to the slaughter.

We in Spirit are spreading the Light - opening eyes and understanding to show what is being done. The scientists who are involved in the destruction of human life will be exposed. They are responsible for the airplanes, whose only purpose is to destroy the air you breathe and the land, so that the crops that you are dependant on for your existence are contaminated. Their plans are so evil that it's difficult for normal human beings to believe that those in a position of power could be so evil. Yes, I know that I'm going over old ground, but there are new people coming on board all the time and we must ensure that they get the message: nothing is as it seems.

Everything will happen when the timing is right. It is time to prepare. Every life is precious. This needless killing must stop - there is never a reason for war. There is much coming to light now about the brainwashing of children who are "taken". They are trained by governments to surreptitiously enter countries to assassinate people. This needs to be exposed. Thousands of children go missing each year. They are turned into robots, in order to carry out the orders of those who train them, without question. They obey instantly the demands of their handlers. This is happening and being hidden by your governments. You only see what happens over ground, but there are vast areas under ground that are kept hidden from you. Your taxes pay the Illuminati so that they can live in luxury while so many have neither food nor shelter.

This will change. The whole structure of life on Earth will change completely. You will learn to live comfortably with your fellow human beings from other planets - you are all one family.

You have been made aware of the Satanic Ritual involved with the Olympics. The Olympic Stadium was very carefully placed on very important energy lines. They want to extract the maximum energy. They need this to survive. Sadly, this energy will be used for Satanic purposes. Do not give your energy. Remember, they need it, in order to destroy you. Satanic ritual and numerology are involved in everything they do. Trust me, nothing at all happens without very careful planning.

London is an ancient satanic site. It is run on those lines, as is the city of Rome. They are linked with many of the other ancient sites. You, my dear, are descended from The Tribe of Dan, who in ancient times travelled to Ireland. Deep down in your psyche, you remember how it was before the evil take-over of your planet.

It is good to see how people of the Light are finding each other and combining their energies to combat the dark. Your Light can never be extinguished. Each one of you is important in your own right. Together, you present a force to be reckoned with. You are preparing the way for the Light of the world to return. Be aware and awake at all times. The Dark Side complain and joke about the conspiracy theories; while all the time, they themselves have planned the greatest conspiracy your world has ever known.

You must deal with the ending of the Dark before you can embrace the the new Era of Light. You are eager to know the truth: who you are, why you undertook to be part of the Transition. Some of you are aware of the path you chose to follow and are working hard to fulfil your purpose. Some have chosen to assist in many different ways. You are all important in the great scheme of things. You are all needed. Look with love on each other. Take on each task, no matter how menial, as a labour of love for humanity.

You, my dear, committed yourself to the work when you stood there at my funeral - heartbroken because of my passing. You stated that you would try to continue my work to the best of your ability. You were driven by your love for me then, and seven years on, this love still drives you. You never gave up, no matter what was done to you. That is love in its truest sense. My point is that you can achieve anything you set out to do, if it is done in the spirit of love and for love. Love is all you need.

Question everything! Research for yourself. Cease to be the sheep they want you to be. This is your world. We send you Light and Love to guide you. Your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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