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May 15, 2011

The floodgates have opened. The truth is flowing in all directions. The Dark Cabal has nowhere to hide. Their propaganda is being pushed on TV, radio and in the newspapers. Governments fearing exposure are creating situations to try to take your minds off realising that the Illusion that you thought was real, is falling apart.

Do not believe what you are being told. Do not become a willing accomplice in the destruction of Planet Earth. All will be restored. Man will live in peace and dignity, once the corrupt accept that they have nowhere to hide. Believe me, they are terrified of exposure! In an attempt to prevent the truth that has been hidden from Mankind from being exposed, they are visiting Ireland in this month of May, to create situations so that they can continue to keep your world in darkness and submission. They are prepared to go to any length to try to keep control, while pretending to come in friendship. I ask you to send light and love to Ireland, to dissipate the Darkness that is being visited on it. Ireland was targeted recently and dealt a very heavy blow. It will take time for them to recover from that.

Why is this being done? Look deeper. The answers are all there, once you scratch the surface. Why are they suddenly hitting on Ireland? Your thoughts are powerful. Through your thought-power, you can create a world in which peace and love rule the day and the killings will stop. You can do this if enough of you have the intention to make it happen. Step out of the ‘rat race' that was forced upon you. They planned the recession: they are now creating a food shortage. This is how they see it. If their vaccines do not get you, the food shortage will. What evil minds they have. Remember what my maternal grandmother told you, that in their minds, "Money equals Love". They do not ‘do' love. They strive only for money. This, they will get, by hook or by crook. This is why your world has become so barren and lacking in love and compassion. The solution is in your hands. Do not allow it to sink any further.

You are on the cusp of complete change. Your prayers are being answered. All mankind's needs will be met. Trust will be restored. There are good people, ready to step forward to help guide you through this Great Transition. As for the Dark Cabal, money will not protect it from its fate. Justice will be done and will be seen to be done. Your children will grow up in a clean environment with clean air to breathe and with food that has not been genetically modified. The causes of disease will be removed. Disease has been used as a way of culling the population. There is more than enough space on Earth for all men. There are huge areas that have never been explored but they have been kept hidden from you. All will be revealed.

A smile and a kind word create good energy. Love and laughter will become the norm. The Sun and the benefits that people receive from sunlight will be restored. The Dark have deliberately blocked you from this great source of energy by creating a false layer of cloud between the Sun and the Earth. They have used scientists to find ways to destroy your planet instead of putting their minds to making life on Earth the beautiful experience it should be.

So many of you have only scratched the surface of life. You have not explored or experienced life, you have lived only within the parameters set by the Dark Cabal. You have failed to see the great big world that you are part of. Think how exciting it will be, when all restrictions are removed and you are free to think for yourselves. The control systems which have been put in place by religions and governments will be removed forever. You will learn to respect each other's cultures and folklore. The ancients understood the Earth, the movement of the Sun and the stars, so much more than you do now. You have a lot to learn from their writings and monuments. Try to see the Earth as they saw it and understood it. What you have been taught is totally wrong. In fact, it is the exact opposite of the truth. The Cabal has been in operation for thousands of years. Through stealth, they have manipulated everything in such a way, that man sleepwalked into accepting what was taught to him, without question.

Fear has been created and certain countries have been chosen to be the ‘fall-guys', providing false reasons for their invasion. Take time to look at the bigger picture. Ask, who gains every time? Believe me, it is always the same people. The LIES have got to stop, and they will. We, on this side of life, want your world restored to its former glory, with communication between all the planets and the World of Spirit, enjoyed by all. This is what we are working towards, and with your help, we will achieve it soon. Surround yourselves with light and love. The Dark cannot penetrate this.

I remain your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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