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May 29, 2011

My dear Veronica, you are now beginning to fully understand that this is your work. I am assisting and guiding you as you proceed with the work you came on Earth to do. When I was on Earth you were there for me. You gave of yourself without hesitation. You always put my needs before your own. Now, we in the network of souls on this side of life, are here for you. We have recently given you a greater understanding of who you are and what you must accomplish. We bring the right people forward on Earth, from the greater Universe and, of course, from the Spirit World. It is coming together, it cannot be stopped. There are sufficient enlightened beings on Earth now, to complete the task. The Dark, on the other hand, have been visiting various places to enforce the stamp of their satanic control. We, on the other hand, have guided those who have the power to remove such control mechanisms, to do so, and therefore restore the Light. We are watching them closely. Their false smiles and handshakes cannot mask their sinister intent. They cannot hide from us.

They have planned several atrocities for the month of June. We may not succeed in preventing all of them, but I promise you, we will do our best. They need the energy of death and destruction. War is an essential part of their existence on Earth. Sadly, many are happy to supply it; they don the uniform and become skilled in the killing game that is being played out in several countries at the present time. They deliberately bring the economy down, so it forces young men who cannot find work to become their blood sacrifices. Unknown to most of you, there is much blood spilled in private parties and gatherings all over your Earth. It has always been so.

You have been reminded over and over again, that you are your brother's keeper. Learn to look on others as you would like them to look on you. You are all one consciousness. In destroying another, you destroy yourself. It damages your eternal soul. Tune in to this consciousness. Visit ancient sites. You will learn to embrace the energy that flows freely. So much can be gained from this. Consider the astronomical knowledge that was necessary to be able to line up all the major sites. Ask, where did all this knowledge come from? There was no TV, no newspapers or internet, just word of mouth - real communication between mankind. They shared all that they had, they did not look down on anyone. They were in tune with the Universe. This is what you have lost, what you have been separated from. You are now beginning to find, and learn, from the ancient sites that are being rediscovered around your world. In looking back and learning, you will go forward. You will then see all that has been hidden from you. Hidden right in front of your eyes. Mind-control methods have been used to prevent you from seeing what was actually happening. Once again, you will realise your true identity and heritage. The false gods that were placed before you will be exposed and removed forever. The desire to dominate others will be removed from the equation. Steps must be taken to avoid the destructive process that is in place to pollute land, sea and sky in order to cull the population. Refuse to cooperate in the destruction of your planet.

We have people in place to step into the shoes of the Dark Ones. We are in the process of removing some of those who hold the real power behind the scenes. This is why you are not aware of it. They continue to come together in desperation to try to re-establish their power over you. But the more they show their hand, the more obvious it becomes, and people become aware of it. Do not listen to the words and false promises. Look at the eyes. Look at the deeds. This is the only way to see the real truth. Remember the old adage, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. This is indeed so. Your real enemies are those who falsely create reasons for war. Those who 'con' you into believing that they really must invade another country: but only those which have oil and gold will be invaded. The atrocities in certain other countries will conveniently be ignored because there is nothing to gain by invading them.

It is your decision which path you take. It is one question that you cannot side-step. You decide whether you live in a world where truth, love and harmony will be the norm, or you choose to remain the slaves of the Dark Controllers, who do not see you as Beings of Light, but there only to serve them. Your light would be extinguished forever. You would live like robots: without a soul, without compassion, in darkness. Look at your present belief systems. Really research them with an honest and open mind. Step back from the controls that were placed by family, as well as those you believed had your best interests at heart. Make your own decisions as to which path you take. This is your life. The decision is yours alone. You were not born into a belief system. You were given free choice. Use it !

Continue to send love and light to all, even to those who try to destroy you. It's amazing how it will change your life for the better. The good will be drawn to your light and it will repel the Dark Ones. We work constantly to restore the Light to your world. There are teams on both sides of life assisting in this.

You have been given much to think about. You have decisions to make and people to meet. You are very precious to me, my love. I am ever at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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