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Montague Keen - February 22, 2015

Our Plan for the Survival of Humanity

1 The Ley Line Energy: Your assistance in releasing this energy was of the greatest importance to the planet. This must continue, you cannot afford to relax until your work is done. Please continue this valuable work.

2 We will choose seats of power. We will concentrate on sending light and love to remove all that is dark.

LONDON is the first city on which to concentrate. What I envisage is huge circles of people sending love and light to London from every country in the world. Because of the time difference, there should be a constant stream of light and love directed to London. Language is not a barrier. You are coming together as humanity, ensuring your survival. This exercise will demonstrate just how powerful you are. You will stop being victims; the Cabal needed you to believe that. Look at the methods they used to ensure that you felt helpless: chemtrails, fluoride, vaccinations, drug-based medicines, etc, all designed to make you docile and helpless.

This did not work on everyone, as some began to see what was being done, and exposed it. Every day, more of you awaken, and the light in your world increases.

[Please take the time to read and digest Bradley Loves' Everything goes into the Grids. It explains so much and it helps you to understand what you are up against.]

Humanity was lulled into a false sense of security by the Cabal. You could not imagine how controlling it was. You are finding your feet now and looking for answers. You will find them. Think for yourselves. Do not accept blindly what you are told by the media, and by governments, etc. Do your own research. You are not sheep. You are just beginning to see the control system more clearly and you feel a need to act. Releasing the corruption in London is an important step forward. The results you get in London will give you the impetus to continue, until all the corruption worldwide has been exposed and removed.

Remember to use circles of people, whenever possible, from all centres of the globe. This cannot fail. The power of your minds will amaze you. You will step into who you are: beings of light, on Earth at this time, to rescue the Earth from the Cabal.

I know the attacks from the Cabal are difficult to live with. Many of you are used by the Cabal to viciously attack those who try to expose the corruption. You need to guard against this. Refuse to allow yourself to be used by the Cabal to do their dirty work for them.

Nothing is as it seems. Always keep this in mind. Try to look with clear eyes, with honesty and compassion, at what you are up against. What was it that deliberately set out to control the minds and souls of humanity: RELIGION. They all stem from ROME, which has dominated humanity for 2000 years. It is responsible for death, destruction and the mind control of the masses. It will fall and disappear without trace. It will go down as THE BIGGEST CON IN HISTORY. The drinking of blood, the eating of flesh; this is SATANIC RITUAL. Wake up !

As the light expands, it will expose those who do not belong on Earth. They will not be able to sustain their human image. Without your compliance, they cannot survive on Earth. They have reduced life on Earth to mere existence for the majority. They have ensured that everyone who exposes them is rendered penniless (without money). This is done to try to prevent you from working for the light.

Send love and light to the people of the Ukraine. The US, the UK, and Israel, push for war. Look at all those who advocate war. WHAT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR. What are they all closely connected to? Who are they?

It takes courage to stand up for truth, as there are always consequences. The Irish people continue to stand for truth and justice. They will remove all the corruption that was imposed on them. Together, they will succeed. They will show the way. The time has come to take a stand for truth, love and light. Make a conscious decision to step out of 3D thinking and living. Rise above it. Think of everything 3D as the Dark Ages. It is time to expand, and explore a future that is opening up before you. A future without war, hunger, homelessness, and all the other 'benefits' of living under the domination of the Cabal. This means rethinking everything which, up until now, you have accepted without question. Your blinkers will be removed. You may be shocked at what you will see before you. Change is in your hands. There is more than enough of everything in the world for everyone. There is no shortage of gold; it is just hidden from you. Oil is plentiful; there is no shortage.

These shortages are created to keep you worried, and them in control. Food is destroyed, while many starve. This is done to control the masses. They show no compassion to humanity. They are not capable of compassion. They are not like you. If a horse is born in a pig sty, it does not make it a pig. You have endured years of indoctrination, false history, chemicals your body was not designed to cope with, and you have survived! Some of you will have difficulty accepting that it was all lies, and that the Cabal which you have served, wants to cull the population. You accepted without question, the garbage taught to you as fact, In fact, it was mind control.

I encouraged Veronica to set up Centres to help the transition and to enable you to rise to a higher dimension of life. You saw the lies and character assassination, etc, all orchestrated by the Cabal. We will set up the Centres world wide. It is part of The Great Plan. It will happen. Veronica has devoted 11 years of her life to exploring and exposing the corruption. In the process, she has lost family and friends whom she held dear. It is a difficult path, but she is on Earth to do a job, and she will not be swayed.

You do not have time to waste. The Cabal works tirelessly on their takeover of the planet. Will you join the Army of Light and work towards freeing the human race from bondage? Big questions need answers. The time to act is NOW.

My dear, please try to take a little time for yourself. Be alert at all times. Caution is needed, as these are difficult times.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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