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Montague Keen - March 1, 2015

Progress is being made, my dear. Our gratitude goes out to all those enlightened people throughout your world who encircled London with love and light. This exercise will take time and effort. I know that in your souls, you understand what is being asked of you. It is of great importance. The results of your efforts will become obvious to all who inhabit the Earth. Though some may not fully grasp the importance of what is being asked of you, please participate. Every soul has an important role to play in rescuing Planet Earth. You must protect and activate the GRID in order to protect the Earth.

The ley lines must be kept free of dark control. In order to prevent the ENERGY from flowing from the ley lines to humanity, the dark side requires WARS, TRAUMA, FEAR, and ABUSE. Whenever you see satanic abuse, you know that it is carefully planned, especially in areas where there are important ley lines. Those who want to take over your planet, need to drink the blood, and eat the flesh, especially of babies.

Comment from Veronica

[I met one family of three girls who had to produce babies for sacrifice. These girls used to be taken to the homes of some very important people, who then ritually sacrificed the babies. That was about 30 years ago.

I talked with many others, who also told of the same experiences. But I was blocked by the powers that be, from exposing this practice.]

Veronica and I, have tried to inform you of such practices. They cannot be ignored. Innocent children face brutal death, every day, all over your world. Can you really be happy with this situation? The innocent need and deserve your protection.

Connecting the Dots -Seeing the Larger Picture by Bradley Loves

Those who need to make preparation to leave Planet Earth in a hurry, should their takeover fail (and fail it will), are happy that with your help they can destroy the Ukraine and Russia, to ensure their escape route. It is no coincidence that problems were created in this area. They are not capable of showing mercy; not even to their own kind. They happily kill their own when they step out of line. Your participation in saving your planet is required and appreciated on both sides of life.

I watched with interest, my dear, as you researched Planet Earth from its conception, and the different attempts to take control, etc. I saw your excitement when you read about what was prepared in 11,200 BC to ensure that the knowledge would be available at the present time on Earth. I gave you this information in seance, four years ago, so it was exciting for you to come across it yourself.

Yes, my dear, preparations were made all those years ago, for this time. The Elders knew that one day, in the distant future, this information would be needed. Nothing happens by chance. You were meant to find it. It is time to learn the truth about the different species which have lived on Earth, and those which tried to take it over, to have it for themselves, just like today.

Observe carefully those who cry out for WAR. Every day, they give you more reasons why there must be a war. They fail to tell you that their very existence depends on having another war. They have destroyed many countries and killed thousands of people. They do not care. Self-preservation is what drives them on. Who they say they are, and exactly who they really are, is kept well hidden from you. The same people reappear, using different bodies and identities; but it is the same EVIL, repackaged.

Everything they have taught you, is based on LIES. They do not want you to ever know the truth. Waking up to the truth is never an easy process but you do not have time to waste.

As people wake up, en masse, governments take action against them. In the USA, the government wants to have mass immunisation of the population. You are fully aware what can be added, in order to dull down the people. Ask yourselves who is behind this plan. Seek the truth.

The Irish government, also, has resorted to draconian measures. Protesters have been put in prison. Who is Enda Kenny, the Irish Prime Minister, taking his orders from?

The people of Ireland will lead the way to light and truth. The TRIBE OF DAN will not be silenced. It is their time to become who they truly are. This will be the first step towards revealing the truth that has been hidden from you. It is an important time for the Irish people. Their truth will unlock all that was hidden from humanity.

The whole world will take a huge step forward when the truth is revealed. There will be no more reasons for war. Humanity will come together as one. This is your opportunity to create a PARADISE ON EARTH. This is what it was intended to be.

Please send love and light to those beautiful children of Hampstead, in London, who chose to return to Earth to expose what was happening, in order to protect others from the same fate.

Send love and light to London, and all who reside there, and to the ley lines, that they may release their energy in order to prevent the oppression of humanity.

Remember also, all those who suffer at the hands of your oppressors. They, too, need your help. Project love whenever possible. Know that there is NEVER a reason for war. You have heard the same lies repeated over and over again. Only the name of the main character, who is to be destroyed, changes. Always, it is the same formula. Do not fall for it again.

Your awakening is destroying the power of your enemies. They can never raise themselves out of 3D, so they try to trap you, too, in 3D. Be alert to their plans and avoid them. Do not accept anything at face value. Do your own research.

Veronica, the attacks have intensified. You understand why. Those who want to prevent the truth from being revealed, always attack the messenger. Those who expose the truth are attacked. They all have financial problems and health problems, and their friends are intimidated. These attacks come in many forms. Psychic attacks that cause pain and distress are a favourite method. They kill with impunity.

Humanity is moving forward into the light. The work on London, removing all that is dark and corrupt, is essential.

Veronica, you push yourself too much. Take more time with the research and pace yourself. You know that it is not possible to reply to all those emails; people do understand this.

Together, my dear, we will help to show the way.

Always at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

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