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Montague Keen - February 15, 2015

My friends, if you are reading my words, then you are sufficiently awake to understand what I ask of you. For the Cabal to have World War III, you must understand that they cannot do this without your permission. Your SILENCE is effectively giving them permission to proceed. You know that there is a force controlling your planet, and those in power answer to it. They would never get into those positions of power unless they agreed to serve only their controllers.

Many of you have lived your lives without having to experience war and the devastation caused by it. You have recently seen evidence of the total destruction of Dresden and the slaughter of its people. This is but one example which is fresh in your minds. Many cities, all over Europe, were destroyed. Do you really want to live through such destruction, or wish it on others?

I DO NOT CONSENT, should be your mantra, every waking moment of your lives. The Cabal cannot instigate war without your consent. Talk with everyone you come into contact with, about giving consent. You might be amazed to see just how powerful you are, when you see the attempts to start a war, FAIL. When you have been successful with the prevention of a World War, then move on to the next one.

I DO NOT CONSENT TO CHEMTRAILS. Follow this one with I DO NOT CONSENT TO FLUORIDE; VACCINATIONS; DRUG-BASED MEDICINE; GM CROPS. By using your minds, you can change your lives and your world. You have the power.

Education and medication have been used against you. Look around you; some of the most powerful opponents of the Cabal did not have an education. So their minds are not controlled. David Icke left school at 15 years of age, so he could still see clearly what was happening. He could not understand why others could not see what he was seeing. David's mind was unrestricted. The education system closes minds. So it takes more effort for many people to wake up. 1% of the population is holding your world to ransom. This does not make sense. You know who they are. Why are you giving them the okay to destroy humanity and Planet Earth? Is this what you really want?

I saw Veronica watching a video called HOLOGRAPHIC-DISCLOSURE [on Youtube as well as Jean Haine's site, What's the ‘real’ Truth? ]. Please take the time to watch it, and realise what has been done to take control of the human race. Humanity DID NOT AGREE TO THIS. It was achieved while you were asleep. Now that you are awake and aware, you can say, "NO, I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT TO YOUR PLANS FOR HUMANITY!" The 99% must stand together.

Here is an example of what is done to people when they wake up and take action. The IRISH GOVERNMENT is upholding the dictates of the Cabal. It is not supporting the Irish people. This is proof positive that politicians are not in office to serve you. Read the words of Charles Stewart Parnell. He believed in Ireland and he loved and respected the Irish people.

I say to the Irish people, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. The Vatican has hidden this information from you. Pope Adrian ensured that. You are a powerful race. Do not allow the banks to defraud you.

This also applies to Greece and all the other countries which are suffering at the hands of the banks. America has a lot to answer for, as it allowed the Federal Reserve to take over the printing of money in 1913, and the whole world has suffered as a result. There was no such thing as Income Tax before 1913. It is because of the Federal Reserve that you have to pay it. The revenue goes to them. This, too, has been kept hidden from you.

The time has come to abandon political parties. Vote only for those who have your best interests at heart. Do not fall, once again, for the false promises that you hear during every election. These promises are never kept. Stop being gullible sheep.

You know in your souls what you must do. You are on Earth to rescue the planet from those who do not belong on it. They want to rid the Earth of humanity, so that they can take over and live in their original state without having to adopt human bodies like you.

I ask again that you come together and say NO. Think about it, did you give permission for chemtrails, fluoride, GM crops, vaccinations, and drug-based medicine? What else will you allow before you take action? Do you know that Mr Putin does not allow chemtrails, GM food, fluoride, etc. in Russia? What does that tell you?

Cancer is a man-made disease. Your suffering and your fear are ENERGY to them. Prevent cancer by taking BICARBONATE OF SODA (Baking Soda) with lemon juice and hot water, every day, and you will not get cancer. It is as simple as that. (I do it every day. My friend got rid of 5 tumors in 3 weeks using it with MMS.)

Keep away from hospitals. They believe in what they do, but they were lied to. You must take responsibility for your lives and defend yourselves. When you open your eyes, you realise just how much is stacked against you. But do not despair, as we are here to help you take back what is rightfully yours.

Repeat the following . . . I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT. Do this, over and over again, as you go through your day. Be prepared to be surprised.

Send love and light to all who need it, especially to the people of the Ukraine. If the Cabal gets its way, it could be you, tomorrow, as they will not stop at the Ukraine. You need to stand by the people of the Ukraine. Unite! Become Humanity United. Because you are awake, you can take an active part in what is happening. Use your minds, your thoughts, and your words, to SAY NO TO WAR. Be kind to each other, and help where help is needed. Together, you will create a world that is united in peace and harmony.

My love, life is not easy. It will not be much longer now before you begin to see the changes that are needed to remove the threat of war.

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