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Montague Keen - September 13, 2015

My friends, many of you are in a dilemma. Should you believe the information that is flooding in, regarding the Pope's visit to America. So many times, I have told you, "Nothing is as it seems". Those whom you were taught to love and respect are the exact opposite to what you believe them to be. Black is white and white is black. Take control of your own lives. Love and light is all that matters. This is what you want in your world. Ignore the dark side of life and reject their plans for your world. You do have a choice. When you come together and exercise that choice, then you will create the world you would wish to live in. This choice will be forced on you in the next few weeks. Make your decision in advance. You want a peaceful world where the human race can live and share the abundance that surrounds you.

You have nothing to fear, for when the 99% decide they want peace, then peace it will be. Learn to live in your hearts, not your minds. Your heart cannot lie to you. Those who have lied to you will be exposed and removed from authority. The religion of LOVE will be resurrected. It will flourish all over your world once more. Your fellow man is never your enemy, only circumstances make it look as if he is. All this manipulation will end, the moment you refuse to accept it anymore. Those who govern you, do so only with the consent of the people. That consent can be withdrawn at any time. You need to give serious thought as to how you would like your world to be, in the future. It is up to each and every one of you to be part of this decision-making.

Every man is equal in the sight of God. Never again allow a hierarchy to develop that assumes leadership and control. Accepting this and religion, lead to man's downfall. Learn from the mistakes of the past and decide never again to fall into such a trap. Every day you see more clearly the mistakes of the past, how you foolishly gave away your power, and in some cases your souls, to corrupt regimes, whether religions or governments. All governments are in "power" only because they sold out to those who really wield the power, those who remain hidden from you. Do your own research, then you can make valued judgements. Refuse to be the sheep that do as they are told without questioning. Every soul on Earth must awaken to who and what he is. You came to Earth to make changes, to remove all that is dark and evil. As soon as you have the WILL to do this, you will have the POWER to do it. It is a simple choice. You cannot be stopped, for it is ordained that this should happen. Just how quickly, is up to you. The Cabal will very soon try to force changes on you. When together, you refuse to accept them, then there is absolutely nothing the Cabal can do to force you. You have a choice.

Reconnect with your spiritual lives and become who you are. Open up to all possibilities. You can become active in recovering all the sacred ENERGY from the ley lines for humanity. This action alone, would bring about tremendous changes for the better. ENERGY can be used for good or evil. The Cabal uses the ley line energy for evil control. This energy is yours by right. You are entitled to take it back, so you can create peace and harmony. The most important ley lines are in Ireland. D.E. has made plans to guide this work in Ireland. Hilda will lead the work through Facebook, all over the world. Everyone, everywhere, can do this. It just takes commitment, love for your fellow man, and a desire for peace for all mankind. By doing this, you will bring LIGHT to the world, and that light will remove all darkness.

This is the time to do it. It is the way to do it. Everyone on Earth can be part of this great movement. You have everything to gain. Become the powerful beings of light that you are. Together, you can achieve everything. It is time to actively take back your power. All you need is the intention to return this sacred energy to humanity. By doing this, my friends, you are creating history. This is why you are on Earth at this time. The future of humanity on Earth rests in your hands. Are you prepared to commit a few hours of your time to create a better world for all? You can become the architects of the future. Remember, the Cabal uses a digital sacred geometry system, as well as the physical sacred geometry system that overlays the natural earth ley lines. When the sacred geometry system IS CRACKED AT ITS CORE, the main communication and control systems, which are the 32 OBELISKS spread throughout sacred geometry buildings, will begin TO EAT THEIR OWN ENERGY AT A CELLULAR LEVEL. Take the REVOCATIONS to every sacred building and read them, especially for the Vatican, the Courts, and the Banks, etc. Use your own sacred power to remove the dark control. It is all in your hands. Enjoy the exercise. Timing is important, and this is the time for this work to be carried out.

My dear, you have spent the last 11 years trying to wake people up to truth and light. I know you wish you had been more successful. Considering the opposition you had, you have done very well. People will step forward and work together. We will succeed, my dear. You and I are invincible.

Be kind to yourself and take rest whenever possible. Always, your adoring, Monty.

Kiesha Crowther (Little Grandmother) will be at The Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, in Dublin, on the 27 September. She will be conducting a Ceremony: To Connect Your Precious Ireland to the Sacred Grid. Please take part in this ceremony, as the world needs Ireland to connect with the ancient knowledge of our ancestors.

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