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June 13, 2010

Veronica my love, we shared the excitement you experienced when you met David Icke, it was a meeting of minds, just like you and I had. It was pure synchronicity of purpose, you were correct in what you recognised in each other. The timing of this meeting was perfect, it could not have happened sooner, the fact that you talked for 7 and 1/2 hours was no surprise to us, we after all set it up. You will support each other as you proceed, always following carefully the plans we have set out for you. David is driven by his love of Humanity and his determination to set them free. As more become aware of the fact that all are pure Consciousness and take back your power as Human Beings having an experience on Planet Earth. Look at those who exert control over your lives, set out rules and laws to prevent you from thinking for yourselves. Take a step back, look at your existence, your name is but a label given to you at birth, actually you are your Soul or Consciousness whichever you wish to call it. You were born into a Race or Religion, know that you are free to make your own choices, you do not have to accept what is imposed on you by others. I refused to be what my blood family tried to impose on me, I choose Freedom of thought and action, I took responsibility for the life that I lived, as did my wife,Veronica. Become free of the labels you had given to you and the boxes you have been placed in without regard to the real Human Being that you are. It takes courage to do this but the rewards are great.

We in Spirit have plans to free you of the controls of the Evil Ones, we will reveal the Truth that has been hidden for centuries. Their Evil Intent is hidden by Governments and Legal Establishments all over your World, people who crave Power sell their Souls to these people , they offer your lives as sacrifice at the alter of their greed.

The change has begun, know without doubt as you go forward to the Light, to an Honest and Peaceful World where Truth reigns supreme and love of ones fellow man becomes the norm. All that divided man will no longer have any influence. Absolute TRUTH from the beginning of time will be revealed. Those who changed the Truth so as to control your World will be exposed, they will not go forward, they cannot exist in the Light. Do not be fooled by the Evil ones promises of Gold, they just need you as slaves. The truth about God the Supreme Being will be revealed, this is necessary for you to go forward, it has been planned. You will live in a World without illness or suffering, your bodies are going through the changes right now as the Earth speeds up and proceeds to the Higher Dimension. It is a fact that the evil ones tampered with your DNA, this made you susceptible to illness, your DNA is now returning to what it was originally intended to be. All you will need in the future is natural medication to sort out any problems you may have. My wife knows our plans, we are bringing forward those who will lead the way. Our two worlds come together as never before, our plans are great.

We are bringing all those working in the Light together to create a Family situation, all coming together when necessary to create the Centre Core but each continues on his or her path as charged. Veronica has talked with David Icke and Ian R Crane about this, they both agree that this is the best way forward. Ian has plans to re start EDGE MEDIA TV. Please give this TV Station your support knowing that you will get the truth and guidance that you all need. Listen to the discussions, hear with open minds what is being said and make your own judgment. These people have given of themselves so as to devote time and effort to seeking the Truth and guiding others to the Light. David Icke is a shining example to all, he "Knew" he was right, he trusted his inner soul, he bravely faced the ignorance and stupidity of those who ridiculed him. It made him strong, he has given his life to rescuing Mankind from the Darkness it has descended into. He deserves the respect that he gets today as the World reads his books and realises that he was and indeed is Right in all that he says, he is Light.

As you free yourselves from the bondage the Dark side has imposed on you know that we on this side of life are with you every step of the way. This was tried over a hundred years ago, it failed. This time it will not fail, the timing is right, people are in place. Take the opportunities that we give you to go forward in Peace and Harmony.

We in the Network thank all those who through their love of Mankind, help to guide others to the Light. You are in a time of great change, this is History in the making.

Veronica my love, we are at your side every step of the way. This is what you came on Earth to do, this is your purpose, you will fulfill your purpose. Together in love and harmony, not even separate worlds could separate us. I remain your adoring Husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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