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March 13, 2011

Your world progresses through the many changes that are necessary for you, to fully wake up out of the darkness, and see the Light that you have been deprived of, so that the Dark Cabal could keep you all in a state of hypnotic confusion. They used every method at their disposal: religion, education, etc, to make you conform. In later years, TV and newspapers also. They all created a false sense of how you should live your lives, what your aims should be. You were not considered successful if you did not conform to their standards. The reality that you have been brainwashed into accepting, is governed by commerce, weapons of mass destruction, and armies, which are conned into believing that they die honourably for their countries; when in reality, they are blood sacrifices, demanded by their Satanic superiors.

What you are seeing now, is the Dark Cabal losing control. They are falling apart. They are creating such mayhem, as they desperately try to show that they are still in control. Japan was a successful country. The Dark Cabal do not like such success, they have ways of destroying what is good. They have no regard for human life. To them, it is a way of culling the population and using it as a warning to the rest of the world. I saw how distressed you became when you saw the terrible destruction, the helplessness of the people. You have had many Japanese friends whom you held in high regard. I ask everyone, to please send love and assistance to your fellow beings of light in Japan. You are all One. A disaster of such proportions brings this home to you. It brings everyone together once more, irrespective of colour or creed. Japan will rise above what has been visited upon it. They are a proud and honest people. Assistance will be forthcoming. I promise that those who have come to Spirit from Japan, had completed their work on Earth. They are now coming to terms with their new surroundings. Their concern is for those they left behind; for indeed, it is they who are suffering. Why don’t as many of you as possible, offer a safe environment to those who are now homeless, until such time as the government can organise the rebuilding of the country. It is an opportunity to reach out to your fellow human beings, and for the rest of the world to act as one, and to be there for each other.

The Dark Cabal are also using the bible to pretend that the End of Time approaches. This is not so. What is actually happening is the end of their reign of terror and suppression. The bible is not what you are led to believe it is. It does not teach love and tolerance. The God of Love does not destroy anyone or anything. What is needed is for all souls to be brave, to come out of the darkness. Seek the truth. There are many out there, as well as avenues to follow, that will guide you to the right path. Seek those who speak truth and light. David Icke is a prime example of this. There are many out there, who have devoted their lives to guiding the human race to light and love. You have experienced the energy shift on the 11th. Many of you had strange experiences leading up to this, just as you did, my dear. The unexplained exhaustion, parts of the body vibrating, unexplained pain in various parts of the body. All were desperately wanting to sleep. You began questioning everything.

Your bodies are adapting to the new DNA; which in turn, will take you to full consciousness. Scientists are fully aware of these changes but the information has been kept from you. You are being helped and guided by your friends on other planets, as well as angels, whose remit is to guide you forward.

Do not seek medical help, you would be given drugs. This transition is new to them. Their only answer is drugs, and you do not need them. Look to energy medicine, vitamins, herbs, etc. They are the only medicine you require. Now, perhaps you understand why your governments are removing these natural remedies from you. This is an evil act against all of you. You are being denied what your bodies need at this time. Why did people just accept this without protest? Find your voice. Let your governments know that you insist on having your natural remedies. Refuse to support them. They will be removed. Their evil reign is at an end. We all know who they are, they are not fit to be in your world. They have destroyed all that was good.

Thank you, Veronica, for bringing Richard D Hall (RichPlanet.net) and Tony Kilvert together, to reveal many of the secrets of the Dark Cabal's control. It can be an important step for many who are seeking answers to questions that have intrigued them for years. Enlightenment is arriving from all directions. Welcome the many changes. Use the power of love to defuse the power of darkness. Remove fear. Love and accept yourselves, then you will find it easy to love your fellow beings, as together you experience your New Beginning.

Every thought has an energy. Send your thoughts to all who need help. Learn to adapt to the great beings of Light you truly are. Know that I am beside you, to help you through the changing times. I am your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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