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December 19, 2010

Veronica my love, you are almost overwhelmed by the amount of information and confirmation that is coming to you. I did tell you that the right people would come to you, you do not have to look for them. We chose them, we then guide them to you. Your team is coming together nicely. Know that the greatest minds who ever walked the Earth are working with me, they are part of the team on this side of life. Our Project will play a major roll in bringing Full Consciousness and the return of the Light to Planet Earth. This is why I had to go when I did so that I could put everything in place for this to happen, leaving you was the hardest thing I have ever done, the pain was immense for both of us. Now you fully understand why this had to be. We will fulfil our purpose, you and I had agreed to this before we set foot on Earth.

The path of control and the destruction of Mankind could not be allowed to happen. The dark Cabal still cannot believe that their plans will not succeed. The Light is entering the Hearts and Souls of Man, he is seeking the Truth, he is no longer fobbed off with lies anymore, he can now see behind the "statements" of those in Power, he is asking questions. You are in a time of great change, complete change, your shackles are being removed, you are becoming the Beings of Light that you were when you entered the world. The control of your minds started with your parents, schools instead of helping you to achieve your full potential set out to brainwash you into believing that you were worthless as well as helpless, only those in power were able to change things and you were expected to look up to them. You were never encouraged to ask who you are, why you are in the world. The indoctrination of the various Religions inflicted even more control. Their intentions were never honourable.

The Knowledge that will be revealed to you early in 2011 will bring joy, real joy to Mankind. The despots will loose Power, every Human Being will become whole, no matter where in the World he is. This Transition will affect everyone and everywhere, all that was put in place to separate and create differences to prevent you ever coming together will disappear. You will experience for the first time, freedom from the Control that binds you. The Truth that has been kept hidden for hundreds of years will be available to all who seek it.

You watched in horror the John Pilger film on what really happens in War, there is no honour attached to killing , every Human Being has the right to live his life unhindered by the demands of other Countries. Only the most Evil Minds seek war, they glorify War. The spilling of Blood is the price they pay to Satan, they do not care whose blood, you understand Blood sacrifice is the price they pay for their Power and Control. Satanists come together regularly to spill blood and so confirm their loyalty to Satan.

When do you ever hear those in Power ask that you reach out in Love to those less fortunate than yourselves. Love is the only Truth, everything else is an Illusion. During this Festive Season people reach out in love, try to maintain this, feel the joy it brings to you as well as those around you. There is no reason why it can't always be like that. It is up to all of you to create harmony around you, help others to realise that living in harmony is so much easier and happier, that dwelling on the problems of life only drags you down. I ask that everyone comes together to reach out to pray for Truth, Peace and Harmony, such Energy will bring about the Transition, the prayers of Mankind will be answered. Ask and you will receive , knock and it will be opened to you. Love should be the driving force that guides you.

Together, all who seek the Light will create a better life for all Mankind. The Network on this side of life are deeply grateful to all those who help spread the Light to others. My dear, when the family come together, know that I will most certainly be there with you just like old times, once again enjoying Simons amazing roast potatoes as well as the great feast he lovingly prepares for the family. Do not allow the inclement weather to cast a shadow over the festivities. We notice "they" are now calling it "Climate Change" "Global Warming " has been shown to be a blatant lie, a conspiracy to put up taxes and create misery for all.

It will not be long now before everything will fall into place as planned. Your world will change forever, everyone has a part to play in this on both sides of life.

We on this side of life send love to all of you. My dear, it will be hard work but so worthwhile. I am proud to be your adoring Husband, Monty

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