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December 12, 2010

Everything in your World is in the process of changing, people are waking up to the reality of the situation they find themselves in. To become the fully Conscious Beings of Light that you are, you have to step back from all that has blinded and controlled you for generations. See clearly the control system that has kept you in darkness and servitude, they are not of the Light. Their Power structure is being exposed by those who stand for Truth, the love of God, your creator who welcomes each and every one of you back into the fold. The prison you found yourselves in is disintegrating , Truth is the key.

Know that you are being guided, go with your intuition, it is your Higher Self. You have been deliberately led away from your true path by Evil Manipulators whose only purpose was the take-over of your World. It must be understood that Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism, far from it. There are many websites where good and honest Jews stand united against Zionism, they are frightened that they will be condemned as being part of what is in fact is a Secret Society. This needs to be understood, it is those who control Global Finances and Commerce whose greed and corruption has brought the economy of your world to its knees, I pointed this out when I first passed to Spirit ( nearly 7 years ago) but people were not prepared to open their eyes then, so much suffering could have been prevented.

Ask yourselves how can just a few people have the power to control your Media, your Governments, your Banking, just 2% of the people, and of course the control of your minds through constantly feeding your minds with the desire to strive for material goods that make them even richer. They are responsible for the Spiritual demoralisation and moral corruption of mankind, they have set out to take-over Europe, the economic conditions in England and Germany are spared but only until the conquest of Russia is accomplished , all its efforts are concentrated on this now. Its all part of their Plan to encircle Europe, you are looking at ECONIMICAL CONQUEST, causing economic crises and wholesale destruction everywhere. We will not allow these Plans to succeed, you needed to be aware of your enemies.

Love and Trust, come together in Light and Harmony, welcome the Light into your lives and your world. Become the guiding Light that reaches out to those less enlightened, guide them forward, open the doors to the World of Spirit, this is the roll of all those of you who choose to work in the Light. Research yourselves as my dear wife has done, she needed to understand the extent of the control, it does not make easy reading. As David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister once said during the 1st World War "If people really knew the TRUTH, the War would be stopped tomorrow. But of course they don't know, and they can't know." There is an invisible Government which is the true Ruling Power in your World, thanks to the manipulation of the masses, this is achieved by the "false Realities" and their adoption by the Media.

The Transformation that is about to happen is everything you could ever hope for. You will become fulfilled Beings of Light. Everything will be out in the open, no more lies and false information. Your friends from other Planets will visit freely, they will assist you through the transformation. It will not be long, be brave, take the steps necessary to open up to the Light. We promised Truth and you are being given it to assist you to move forward.

My love, you are not well, you keep going, our work is important to you. My love is yours, and your family, they too played a part in helping me as I moved from one environment to another they helped me to become fulfilled, remember everything is possible . In this Festive Season open your hearts, send love to a world that is hurting, pray for Enlightenment, Peace and Harmony for all. I am forever your adoring, Monty

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