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July 11, 2010

It is with sadness that we watch your World proceed on a fast track to disaster. I say to you, you have the ability to become Free and Powerful, loving and wise. Reclaim your Power as co-creators within the Universal Scheme, use it now while so much hangs in the balance. Right now you are dealing with a difficult situation, for many thousands of years your planet has been under siege. There has been a deadline to this siege, they have been waiting for a time, the Bible has told you of this time. It was the time when the Planetary Star Gates would open. THIS IS THAT TIME. the dark evil ones have endeavoured to make mankind feel powerless, you are made to feel small, many are raised with belief systems that teach that you are small, insignificant, you cannot make a difference, the individual does not mean anything. When you open up to who and what you really are, what you are part of, you will realise that you can make a huge difference.

Consciousness is not formed by brain function so it does not cease on Death. Scientists perpetuate this myth to mislead and so control you. Love and Truth will set you free, many are so attached to the outside persona, they continue to con themselves into believing that they are fulfilled and have got it all. Always be aware of those whose only intention is to dominate the earth at all costs. Remember the Roman Empire and the British Empire, where are they now.? The people had the power to say NO to the people ruling them. The Dark side will always loose against the Light.

We on our side of life have opened a Portal in order to assist those who wish to open up to the Light. Those who choose to go down the Dark Road will know hardship and pain as they become the slaves to the Dark. Their corruption has become more blatant, they do not even bother to try to hide it any longer . Try to influence good over evil, parts of your World are on the brink of disaster, please send Light and Love to them.

We told you my dear that there would be many disasters, there will be a Natural Disaster very soon, not a man-made disaster, still so many of you fail to see the difference, they just cannot believe that man could be so evil, but those people are ruled by money and power, their greed knows no bounds.

What an interesting weekend it has been for you and your friends, we guided you on your quest. Now that you have the full picture of why certain situations occurred 30 years ago, nothing happens by chance. You had thought it was an important friendship, now you know its real purpose, yes it is a long time to wait but time does not exist on this side of life. Worry not my love, the right people are being sought and guided to you. We have everything in hand, you have friends in all spheres of life who wish to see man released from the bondage that he has been living in. Each and every one of you have the ability to change your World, you just need the desire to do so. Make Love and Harmony your goals, then the killing will stop, there would no longer be an excuse for War. Look at those who profit from war, their involvement in creating excuses for War, there is your answer.

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who persecute you and you will render them powerless, they will never gain power over you. You my dear have never wasted energy on those who have tried to destroy you and our love.

You have worked very hard this week, it has brought much joy to all involved on both sides of life. Our real work my love has just begun. My love and appreciation are yours, I am your adoring husband, Monty.

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