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October 16, 2011 Thrive

The World Awakens !

The evidence of this is heart-warming for all who have worked hard to bring this about. The minority, the psychopaths who control your world, now see their control slipping from their hands. They are being exposed. They have ruthlessly followed The Plan without compassion or even a second thought for those who have lost everything - even their lives - as these evil people waged war across your world. The puppets which they placed in power to be the visible face of The Plan, are now going to have to face the people they set out to destroy. Remember, psychopaths are without souls. They take from countries whatever they want. The moment a country steps out of line, such as the African countries coming together, they quickly stepped in with their war machines and systematically destroyed them.

Part of The Plan also was to destroy the right side of the brain and the pineal gland, with all sorts of poisons and medication. Foolishly, people believed the propaganda which stated that what was being done was for their own good. All this is being exposed. Good people are now providing the correct information so that mankind can step into the Light. Both sides of the human brain will work in harmony once more and will reconnect with their spiritual side. You are powerful Beings of Light who have been tampered with. You have been manipulated without mercy into believing that you are helpless. Nothing can be further from the truth. When Beings of Light come together, they create an energy so powerful and exhilarating, such as at David Icke's gatherings, that it opens minds to how it will be when the Dark have been removed. I urge all those who seek the light to take every opportunity to experience this energy for themselves and David's inspiring words of truth. No man has done more than he, to move your world out of the darkness into light and love. He is much admired on both sides of life.

Many of you are thinking that your minds are playing tricks on you. It is bringing up many incidences from your past. This is a clearing up process. It's all part of the preparation for enlightenment. It is reprogramming and removing what is no longer needed. Your minds have been filled with rubbish so as to keep you occupied and to encourage you to strive for the impossible. You are each an individual in your own right. You should be free to make your own decisions and not be herded like sheep without conscious thoughts of their own. You, my dear, experienced after my passing, how those without conscience operate. They manipulate mercilessly for their own ends. World-wide, you see the very same thing but on a much larger scale. You saw for yourself how it works. It was a massive learning experience for you, my dear. Now you understand fully, how their minds work, and how they manipulate everyone around them. This is a cancer that has to be removed from your world - and it will be !

The world of truth and light that all of you are seeking - those of you who are driven by love of humanity, who want peace and harmony for all - will see the fruits of your endeavours. It just takes brave people to speak up. By speaking up, the Prime Minister of Ireland (Mr Enda Kenny) gave courage to other countries to say to the Vatican, no more will we stand by and see our children raped. This was deliberately done to fragment the minds of these poor, innocent children. The world owes Mr Kenny a big thank you. It was a brave step to take in a country that was ruthlessly suppressed by the Vatican. Only good can come from removing the power of the Vatican from Ireland. The Vatican is a big part of the New World Order. It says so, openly. What is that telling you? It is time to face facts. They preach love, but they deliver FEAR.

Your fellow human beings need you now as never before. Support them in their stand for truth and justice. As the Truth Movement expands, talk to each other. You all want the same thing: no more war. The US is busy planning World War III. They think it will take people's minds off the Truth Movement. We have done much to prevent such a war happening. Again, I say to you, do not believe what your leaders say. Look at their ACTIONS. Only then, will you see the true picture.

The sensitive ones among you are aware of the many changes that are happening. We are gently leading you forward into the Light. For couples, it may cause an imbalance in your relationship, as one experiences the changes and the other does not yet do so. Do not make hasty decisions; but gently, and with love in your hearts, try to open dialogue. Discuss everything openly. Honesty is always the best policy. We must keep our plans secret at the moment, as the Dark would set in motion preventative measures. Be prepared for a few surprises. As Veronica would tell you, I loved surprises, it brings out the child in you.

You are living through difficult times - the battle of light versus dark, good and evil. The New Age of Enlightenment will begin as planned, no matter what they do to try to prevent it. Greater minds than theirs have ordained this. It will be so. Each of you has a role to play in this. You are our team on Earth. You are each playing an important role. It is wonderful what can be achieved when people come together. Be happy, you are nearly there. Create LOVE wherever you go, as this will build the energy of light around you. Always try to be an example to others. We send love and light: embrace it, share it.

My dear, try to rest, you are having a busy time. Together, we will show the world what love can achieve. Your adoring husband, Monty.

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