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October 9, 2011 Thrive

My dear, we have talked in the past about what will happen in the future. Well, it is happening now, though some still refuse to acknowledge that it is happening all around them. The energy changes will continue to raise the consciousness and you will link, once more, with all that is and ever will be. Open your minds, seek the answers you need. You will find them. It is time to return to the fold. Circumstances removed you and kept you ignorant of your true identity and destiny. To become at one with the universe once more, is inevitable. It must happen. It will happen. Everything is in place to make it as smooth a transition as is possible. The Dark have lost their overall control. They are floundering as on the deck of a sinking ship. Their removal is essential, they cannot exist in love and light. The role that they play on the world stage must cease. The false persona they display to the masses will be revealed. The masses are awakening to the light, they are finding their voices. They come together as one; by doing this, they create the energy for the big changes to be put in place. Always keep in mind that this is your planet. You now choose to return it to the light. It can be done peacefully, your strength is in numbers. The Dark will crumble, they cannot exist without you; whereas you do not need them. This fact is dawning on you as you come together to reclaim what is yours.

There will be turbulence as Earth changes take place. Know that what will happen is what is meant to happen. We will prevent - as much as possible - anything that the Dark might do to cause fear. They have nowhere to hide, we have seen to that. As more of you understand what is really happening, you will see the police and armies waking up to the fact that they are responsible for trying to destroy their own people. They, too, will join the masses. The Dark will lose this support that has kept them in power. People will come to see through the propaganda. They will realise that without their support, the Dark's false monetary systems will fail. It will be exposed. Without this, they are nothing at all. All the help you need will be available to you. You will be given technology that will be enormously important to you and is beyond your understanding at this point in time. Life on Earth will be totally different when the control is lifted. The scaremongering will cease and the power crazy will find themselves exposed. The fact is that their false belief in their tribal supremacy has brought about the chaos you now find yourselves in. To them, I say that their end is nigh.

To the masses, I say, stride forward with peace in your hearts and you will inherit the Earth. You will need help to remove all the toxins that were used to damage your Earth and your food supply. We will introduce you to new ways to overcome all the difficulties you face. Nothing is insurmountable.

Beware of false gods who will try to take control. They will promise much, but know that they want you as their slaves. Do not fall into such a trap. Many also pretend to be guided by great masters, etc. It is often their own ego demanding attention. We do not have masters here. We have great minds of the past who have experienced life on Earth with all its trials and tribulations and who are now best placed to assist you.

Love and truth is what you most need. It has been in short supply but all that will change as good people come together.

We have guests, my dear, who have travelled far to assist you. You must attend to them. Trust that all is in hand. Learn to accept all the genuine help that is offered, as you struggle to cope with all that is expected of you. It will be good when we will be among you. Then we can personally thank all those who have assisted in getting the truth out to the people. We surround all of you with love and light.

My dear, I am ever at your side as I continue to prove. I remain your adoring husband, Monty.

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