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October 2, 2011 Thrive

The time is at hand when each of you must take responsibility for yourself and those who are dependent on you. Together, you have the strength to bring down those who have oppressed you. This can be done without resorting to violence of any sort; peaceful demonstration is all that is required. You are the victims of corporate greed. This is a crime against humanity. Look at those in control: they cause recessions and depressions at a whim. Ask, "What do they all have in common?". It is time to open your eyes and face the truth. Examine carefully what is being done to you, right in front of your eyes. This is global. It has got to stop. They have removed all your rights. It's only through all of you coming together that you will release yourselves from these oppressors. Because you have been in bondage for centuries, you have never known anything else: you accepted it as normal. Their mission is to destroy you, so by not taking action you are allowing them to do so.

They have acquired much of the world's gold; if they fail in their plans, then they believe they can just go off-planet with the gold. This is what they came for in the first place. We have created a barrier to prevent them leaving with your gold. Their time is up. It's time for them to go and allow mankind to reasses everything, then to set up a new system of banking and government that will bring equality, irrespective of race or creed. The changes that we are putting in place will make all this possible. This has been in the planning for a long time. They will cause a certain amount of destruction before they leave. It will not be easy for them to walk away from the financial empires they built at your expense. They do not want peace. Their money is made through war. The truth is ugly but it must be faced so that you can move on. They must be seen for what they are; exposed for all to see in their true colours. They have remained hidden for far too long. Their rule is over. They created a false scenario. They lived by it. They created laws to prevent people from questioning it. It is based on an HISTORICAL MYTH.

More than 60 years ago when I wrote, "A MISSION INTO TOMORROW", I could see, way back then, the changes that must happen; though at that time, I was unaware of my own mission. Now, I oversee these changes from this side of life. You, alone, knew me. You saw the real Monty. You understood on a very deep level that I had a mission to fulfil. You assisted me in all that I did, always at my side to protect and to love me. You still do, my dear. Some pretend to know Monty, and make stupid statements about how they knew better than you, how I would speak from this side of life. No one ever knew me better than you.

Preparations must be made so that you can assist others when the massive changes begin. Those who have rejected the truth up to now, will find themselves in a wilderness of confusion and fear. Fear must be quelled. This is most important as the Cabal are experts at creating situations that create maximum fear, to hold you in their control. I tell you that this is your one opportunity to escape to the freedom of the light. There is a timescale, it is months not years.

People in the US are waking up. They are speaking out peacefully. They are demanding truth and justice. Your whole world is waking up. They are seeing the light of truth. There is talk of creating a "LOCKDOWN" in the US to control the people. You all live in police states, no matter where you live. You have stood by and watched your freedoms removed for your own safety. How could you have believed that LIE. It is to control you. Together, you must support each other through these trying times. You were never meant to live like caged animals.

Wake up to who you are - beings of light, whose light was deliberately dimmed. Do not accept the false statements made by religions. They say that you were born in sin. This is a gross injustice when inflicted on innocent babies who were born of love. Their control is crumbling. They are being exposed, and as the shackles fall, you become free of their tyranny. It is my mission to expose the corruption so that you can use your free will without fear of repercussions.

Many of you are having difficulties at this time. Some of you respond to the new energy more easily, while others choose to remain locked into the fear, where money - or the lack of it - consumes them. It is with patient understanding that you will help them to see the light. Many marriages are going through this. Continue to love; gently show by example that this is just a period of great change. Everything will come right when the Cabal are removed forever and prosperity returns to everyone, not just the Elite. Love will win the day but patience is required.

Come together in love and harmony whenever possible. You have experienced the wonderful energy created at David Icke's talks. It's nothing short of a miracle how he can create, through communication, such love and harmony. You see it and you feel it: the change this one man - against all the odds - has achieved. He is an example to all honest people who want to live in the light. When the history of this period is written, his name will be written large. He will be revered. He has given his life to lead you to the Light. He is a guiding light for all who seek the truth and his work will live forever - a truly great man.

Each one of you has a role to play at this time of change. Be there for each other. Together, my dear, we will succeed. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Comment from one of our readers:

"I don't understand...

David Icke, praised in this article, paints Obama as a "dark one". Matthew's messages says Obama is on the "light side".

I personally think of Obama just as Dilma in Brazil: good people, light workers, unable to perform better due to their heavily polluted surroundings.

Anyway... even the supposed "channels" of "light" are not as reliable as we would like...

Nevermind. Our personal role (love all, serve all) does not change, despite who is right and who is wrong.

Thanks for the attention and for the nice work with the website.
Joaoh" (October 3, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi joaoh, thanks for your comment. i think you're right, in the end it doesn't really matter what the world around us looks like (although we should do everything in our power to make it better), we first and foremost have to look at ourselves. and try to be the best that we can. that's the only thing our soul takes with it when we leave this earth school.

about obama, i think his story is complicated. matthew and SaLuSa support him, because they know his background. they know his highly developped soul and the great things that he did as a leader of far away civilizations. but with each new lifetime, the mind starts blank. one's soul, which resides in the heart, can only hope that the mind will learn to listen to it and follow the right path in life. but when that path is surrounded by evil, like obama's is, it's incredibly hard to hear that little voice inside.

i know david icke and others think obama is from the dark side and i understand that, because so far his behaviour and decisions haven't been very enlightened. and no doubt he's a freemason/illuminati, you only need to look at the hand signs he makes, to recognize that. but i think one would have to be a member of that "club" to ever make it to the presidency. so that could be part of the plan.

when i see him speak on tv, i can personally feel his good heart. it's just that he's so entangled in a web of evil, that he has trouble finding the right path. so the question is, will he wake up in time? i personally have my doubts about that, because i think he would have done so already if he had the strength for it.

i think this is one of the biggest problems that the GF face at this moment. if they are forced to take action openly in the next couple of months, because the end of 2012 is appoaching fastly, obama will be left with karma. for taking decisions that were not in the people's best interest, like supporting wars and such. because one can only lose karma if he changes his behaviour himself, not when it's imposed on him. so, can you imagine this highly developped soul, one of the key figures in the divine plan, possibly not ascending and having to move to another 3D world, to hopefully do it better next time and clear his karma? i think that would be painful. i hope i'm wrong in looking at it this way, after all i don't have all the wisdom, but that's how i see it.

so, let's just hope that obama DOES wake up in time and lead us into the new era, as planned. matthew once said that this current scenario was one of the many that we knew that could happen when we "signed up" for this mission. well, we sure picked one of the more tensive ones, didn't we?
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (October 4, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi, This is not a question and no need to post it. I was reading your section on hand signs that you attribute to the masons. I know sign language (for the deaf) and when you extend your pinkie and index finger with your thumb out it signs ‘I love you’.
Peace, Cathy" (October 9, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi cathy, thanks for your comment. i know it can also mean that. when you see the hand sign made with the thumb out, it can be either a freemason symbol or 'i love you' in sign language. but when you see it made with the thumb touching the two inner fingers, you can be pretty sure it's an illuminati symbol, as far as i know. and obama makes those too.
but as i said, this still doesn't prove for me that he's on the dark side, because he could have worked his way up through the dark, to spread the light in the end. i truly hope so, i'm just not as sure about it anymore as i once was.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (October 9, 2011)

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