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May 8, 2011

There is a battle being waged on Earth between Light and Dark. In their desperation to retain power, your Satanic Overlords use special dates in the Satanic Calander to gather people together in a state of excitement so that they unknowingly give of their energy to the cause of Satan. In their ignorance, they are being used to bring about the destruction of their world. There is energy in every gathering, whether it is used for good or evil. It is up to you. Last weekend was a perfect example of this. You saw people being whipped up into a frenzy of excitement, so that every last ounce of energy was utilised in both London and Rome. The US did not want to be found wanting, so they produced their own, like a genie out of the bag, and so produced even more energy.
My dear friend, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, understands the Morphic Field better than anyone, and how energy is used. The Energy Lines on Earth are well known to scientists. You will find churches; halls of learning; pyramids, etc, built on these lines. Man has been aware of this since he first walked the Earth. There are those who need and live off your energy and the spilling of blood, plus the energy caused by the suffering of Man, for their very existence. Please, give your energy only to that which is good and honourable, in light and love; because so many of you are still in the hypnotic state, like sheep obeying every command.
Wake up to the Divine Energy that flows in each of you. Do not allow it to be used by those with evil intent.

Seek out that which has been hidden from you. Your real history will help you to understand why your planet is in deep trouble. When a high percentage of you cry out for truth, then truth will be revealed, and those who imprisoned you, will leave your planet, as they cannot survive on their own. They need all of you to provide them with the necessary energy for them to survive. Now, ask yourselves, who has the power?

You have a choice - they do not! Our plan is to shift the old energy completely, so that suddenly, people can see straight paths ahead, leading to great improvements in people's lives. They will wake-up. They will understand that there is a price to pay for everything. Some may have to compromise, so as to allow others to live a decent life also. The right people are there to motivate you in a specific way. You will return, once more, to the old and best ways of growing crops, etc, before all the dangerous chemicals were forced on you.

Without your knowledge, space travel is happening. The Cabal travel off-planet. They use technology that has been kept secret. They can dematerialise and rematerialise objects, such as armaments, etc. They are a lot more advanced than they allow you to know. It is important for them to keep you ignorant of all these facts. They feel that the less you know, the better for them. This is why they fill your lives with trivia. They create demands for material things that you have no need for.

Those who seek and speak the truth are ridiculed in an attempt to prevent you from learning the truth. Man's journey to truth has just begun. This programme is ongoing; nothing will get in its path. The majority of humanity has asked for change, so rest assured that it will happen. Man has long floundered in the wilderness. It is time to return to the flock.

You will not find what you need to know on your TVs. Take time to read. Educate yourselves! The truth is all around you. It's easy to find, and once you do, you will experience a sense of excitement and fulfilment. The truth will set you free. Those of you with children need to be aware of what is being taught to them. What mind-control methods are being used, such as drugs. What chemicals are in the food they are being given. This is the time to question everything. When you come through this - and I assure you that you will survive all that they throw at you - you will become fulfilled in ways that you cannot imagine. Your ancestors and all the great minds who ever walked the Earth, are with you every step of the way. The truth can no longer be kept hidden. There is so much happening in your world that you are completely unaware of. Look at those who are lying to you. Recognise the lies and refuse to accept them as fact. It is time to find your voice. NO is a simple, two-letter word, that you need to use. "Not in my name" is an important statement that must be used when an injustice is right there before your eyes. Are you happy with the needless killing that is being done in your name? Your countries went into other countries to "protect the innocent". It is the innocent who are being killed, maimed and left homeless. Was this what you agreed to? What will it take, to wake you up, out of the stuper you find yourselves in? Try to look with love and understanding at those in need and remember them in your prayers.

You, my dear, have known many, very special people in your life. What qualities did they share? You will find they were love and compassion, because these qualities stand out from the others. Their ability to care about others, to reach out to others, is what fulfilled their lives. They left an indelible impression on all who met them and read their work. They are never forgotten in life or in death. Lives well lived are an example to all.

Believe in yourselves. You will succeed. You have been deceived and manipulated by a very clever, Evil Cabal, whose intent is to destroy all that you hold dear. But there are others, ready to step forward and replace them, and to expose the corruption that your world has been the victim of. The time for change is NOW.

We will return Planet Earth to its rightful place in the Universe.

My love surrounds you, my dear. You were the light that showed me the way. I am your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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