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Message from Veronica Keen - June 6, 2010

For the Website; Sunday;

Please understand that it will not be possible for me to write with Monty today. I have been given the opportunity to have a private all day meeting with David Icke, he will be in London for just one day on his way to Canada, I cannot miss this opportunity to spend time with someone I have the greatest respect and admiration for. He has worked tirelessly to open peoples minds to the truth. Saturday I was all day at a Seance where very important information was given regarding our Planet and the truth regarding its history that has been denied us for far too long. In passing we were told that the Shroud of Turin is not authentic, a shroud of Jesus does exist but that is not it. It is time for truth on all levels, between now and the end of August truth will be revealed. I ask you all to come together in Love and Truth, support each other whenever possible as we go forward to the Higher Dimension where there will be peace for all men.

Bless you all, I am so grateful for your assistance in revealing truth.


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