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Montague Keen - March 13, 2016

The real self is dangerous; dangerous to the established CHURCH, dangerous to the STATE, dangerous to the CROWD, dangerous to TRADITION, because once a MAN knows his REAL SELF; HE BECOMES AN INDIVIDUAL."

The awakened man sees everything as it is. He shares his knowledge and so he becomes a target for the Cabal. What you are experiencing today is the Cabal flooding your lives with FEAR in all its many guises. CANCER is a very productive industry for them. They are bombarding you with the FEAR of it. TV is full of information on the dangers of cancer. Their treatment does not cure it. My dear wife knows that all you need to prevent and treat cancer is Bicarbonate of Soda. She takes a little in hot water and lemon juice each day. It is as simple as that to prevent cancer. For the Cabal to exist, they need to keep you in fear and suffering. Stop playing their game. The human race is under attack. The takeover began many centuries ago. What you are experiencing now is the end game. They hope to achieve their goal. Because many of you have awakened to the real situation you are in and have refused to accept the misinformation, it is your duty to share the truth with your fellow man. Understand that those who strive to take over your world do not belong in your world. They have no right whatsoever to be on Earth. You are children of the Creator. Powerful beings of light who inadvertently gave your power to the Dark Side. You must now take back your power. Refuse to assist in the removal of the human race from the Earth. Remove yourselves from Admiralty Law and all false laws which have been forced on you by the Cabal.

The Cabal created language to separate and confuse you. They removed from humanity the knowledge you lived by in ancient times. THE POWER OF SOUND: how sound alone could move large objects. You must VISUALISE your future and create it. A future where all humans inhabit the Earth peacefully and in harmony. This you can do. It is in your power to do it. In 2014, Veronica set out to achieve this with others and was brutally attacked. The power of the Cabal descended on the project and ensured that it was set aside. It will happen when enough people of courage step forward. Veronica knows that one day soon, people will come together to bring this to fruition.

Many of you are still in bondage to the Vatican and other religions. The Vatican serves Lucifer. He is openly venerated at the Vatican. Blood sacrifice is a huge part of it. You see it even in the Mass, where you are asked to DRINK THE BLOOD and EAT THE FLESH. The true history of the Roman Church would horrify many of you. It is all based on fear and control from birth to death. There is no truth in what they teach.

I can assure you, on personal experience, that death is the most wonderful thing. You simply pass from one state of existence to another. It releases you from all the trauma of life on Earth. The only trauma involved is when you look back and see the evil control and the corruption which enslaves humanity. You can free yourselves. The timing is right to do this. 2016 is your big opportunity to free yourselves from the slavery of the past. You ask, are enough of you awake to do this. The answer is a resounding, yes ! It just takes the courage to take back your sovereignty. You will find the Revocations on the web site of ANDREW BARTZIS; some on them are available on my own web site.

If you refuse to comply with the Cabal, they cannot succeed, and you will emerge as sovereign beings once more. The Cabal fears you more than you fear them. Without them drinking your blood and eating your flesh, they would disappear. They would lose their human form. They have taken everything from you; and to this day, they continue to do so. When will you say, enough is enough, this must stop ?

Open your eyes and see what is being done to you. Stop believing what they tell you. They are PARASITES. They have conned you. They have taught you to revere them, and to allow them dominion over you, to enslave you. They ensured that everything in your world was designed to enslave and control you. Do not leave it too late to come together in strength to restore your world. Everything is in place for you to do so. Stop being passive and accepting. Ask yourself, what can I do?

Together, you are powerful. Go to every LEY LINE, OBELISK, CHURCH, and GOVERNMENT BUILDING, and take back your power. Read the revocations and remove all that is corrupt and evil. Create a better world for humanity. You know what to do. It is just a question of coming together and doing it. It is up to each one of you to get involved. See yourselves as the Army of Light, restoring love and peace to your world. Spring is a wonderful time to do this, so go for it. I can only lead you from this side of life. There are many who will pick up the challenge on your side of life.

I ask the Irish people to lead the way. Ireland is the key that will unlock everything. Be leaders once more. So much has been done to destroy the Irish spirit; but my friends, we see it emerging again. It will not be defeated. A lot is being asked of you. You chose to be on Earth at this time to restore humanity and to remove all the corruption. Visualise the outcome you desire. This will enable it to happen. When humanity calls out, it will happen.

To those who still live in fear through religion, please do not attack my dear wife, because we do not live by fear. You too, will see the truth, when you are ready to accept it. Religion could not exist without fear. The Vatican destroyed the religion of love that the Irish shared with the world in ancient times.

Those you have chosen to serve, poison your water, your food, and the air you breath. Need I say more. You serve them. You help them to do it. They are quite openly producing robots that will replace you. What will you do then? You need to come together and make an effort to restore good energy. Create so much light that the dark will disappear without trace. Replace the fear with love and light. You can do it.

Veronica, my dear, it is not easy to cope with the constant attacks. Your will to achieve our goal is what is driving you, my dear. We will succeed. We, in Spirit, send you love and strength.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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