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Montague Keen - March 6, 2016


My friends, you know in your souls that there is something quite terrible going on in your world. You get glimpses of it now and again, but nothing you can point to. In your confusion, you try to close your eyes to it, but it will not go away. Spirit is pleading with you to wake up and face the facts. Your world is being taken over by forces that have no wish for you to share it with them. They are in power all around you. They do not hide their plans. They openly tell you that they want to remove you. They want the Earth to be exclusively their own. Find your voice, find your strength, and take control of what is yours. The Earth is the home of humanity. The interlopers have no legitimate claim to it. Their GREED has destroyed the quality of life on Earth for all humans.

Your VICTORY will happen only when you stand shoulder to shoulder in love, united in trust that together, you will rescue the Earth from the invaders. Expose all the traps that are in place to hold you hostage. MONEY and RELIGIONS being the two prime criminal bodies that are responsible for all the suffering. When I say religion, I refer also to those who use religion as a label. It is not, in fact, a religion; it is a political stance.

Time is running out. There is a body of people who are REMOVING key people from the Earth. It is made to look like a heart attack or suicide, or whatever the evil ones deem plausible. Friends of ours, my dear, were dispatched in this way. No mercy is shown to those who get in the way of the Cabal. You, my dear, are only just recovering from their latest and deadliest attack. Friends, do not sit idly by and refuse to see and acknowledge what is before your eyes. Everything in your world is being interfered with and controlled. Humanity is at the mercy of these intruders unless it takes back its strength and its power, and refuses to continue to assist and enable this evil takeover of the Earth.

I plead with the people of Ireland not to honour the most evil person known as "Patrick"; who, through his takeover of Ireland, plunged the human race into a fight for its very survival. Refuse to be part of the mind control programme that destroyed humanity. It took you all hostage. Trust me, it all began with "Patrick" in Ireland. The Vatican and its cohorts have controlled your world ever since. Be proud to be Irish, for you are indeed a proud and noble race. You will return to who you are, when you remove the shackles of the Vatican.

Your minds and bodies are under constant assault. Please take time to protect them. Avoid all drug-based medicine, GM food, the mind control of religion, TV, governments, and newspapers. Remember that everything is geared up to ELIMINATE YOU.

It is difficult for us in Spirit to watch what is being done to you, without doing our utmost to assist you. Veronica knows what needs to be done. She works tirelessly to bring about your rescue. This is why she is constantly attacked. She does so much more than write with me, but this is all we can share with you at this time. This is a battle for your survival. They keep you occupied in petty arguments and squabbles to prevent you seeing the big picture. If you took the time to look at the big picture: THE DESTRUCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE AND ITS REMOVAL FROM EARTH, you would jump to attention and do all in your power to protect and preserve the human race. This EVIL has spread its tentacles everywhere. You just do not know who you can trust because of the mind control. You cannot ever trust your judgement without researching everything thoroughly. You owe it to yourselves to do your own research. Those who are in power, are there, only because they were placed there by the Cabal, in order to serve them. They try to convince you otherwise. Do not be fooled. Their plans have got to be stopped. They cannot complete them without your assistance. So refuse to assist.

Waking up is never easy. See all that you had accepted as TRUTH and FACT, all exposed as LIES to enslave you, and to control and remove you from the Earth. When you awake, you see everything as it is. You become STRONG, and in control. You find your real self. The puppet that was you, is no more. It is when the awakened come together and refuse to accept the propaganda, that the Cabal is finished. They will remove themselves from the Earth as they cannot survive in the LIGHT. Their earth bodies would disintegrate.

Come together, as the good energy which you create when you gather together, wipes out the evil of the dark. It transforms it, it raises it. It inspires humanity to come together. Those of you who have attended a talk by David Icke, know what I am referring to. You leave feeling elated and inspired, your strength restored. This is what you need.

My dear, you are not out of the woods yet. They almost got you. You need to recover. Enjoy your time with your family today, and be assured that I will be there with you, as always.

You are so loved, my dear.

Your adoring, Monty.

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