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Montague Keen - January 11, 2015

What you are witnessing now is the Cabal falling apart. They are making mistakes. Though they have stepped up the control, it is not enough anymore to hold all of you in submission. Factions are developing within it and they do not trust each other. Their greed knows no bounds. There's no honour among thieves.

You are now able to see the bigger picture, as well as all the flaws in the Cabal's explanations of their false flag operations. In the past, all these worked like magic to control the masses. I have told you before that they are creatures of habit, so if it worked once, they do it over and over again. But now it no longer works.

The Cabal is locked into its 3D thinking. They cannot raise their vibration above 3D - ever. A large majority of you are no longer trapped in 3D. You now see clearly what the Cabal is up to. They cannot up their game, but you can; so this gives you the advantage you have been working towards. By doing your own research, you have removed the shackles that had kept you in the dark and under control. Watch with interest at what they do in the next few months as they struggle and fight amongst themselves to try to retain control. This is a game they are destined to lose. They have destroyed every planet they have entered as they cannot live with the native people. Their drive to take over is their downfall, every time, and so they will be cast out once again, to return from whence they came.

It will take time to repair the damage they have done on Earth. You, my dear friends, will have to pick up the pieces and repair the damage. You must find new ways to live on Earth. Our Centres will play a huge role in the restructuring of life on Earth. Please help us to achieve this, as we cannot do it without your donations.

The Cabal had it all its own way for a long time. They tagged children who had come to Earth on a mission, and they have used various methods of control to try to prevent them from ever completing those missions. Veronica has learned that she was taken on board an enemy ship and tagged at 5 years of age. This tag enables the Cabal to track her. It has caused her problems throughout her life. They did much to prevent Veronica and I from coming together. She is only now learning just what was done to try to prevent her from making contact with me, and with those she needs to work with.

Reptilian mind control circuitry is all around you. It is hidden in tall buildings and monuments. It is specially designed to hurt you and to control you. A veil of illusion was placed over everything in order to prevent you ever seeing the true picture. Everything is strategically placed in position, to do to you, the people, maximum damage. They do not want you on what they hope will become their planet. Because they are losing ground, everything is moving faster, so you do not have time to waste, as your very survival is at stake. Come together and work together. Your future on Earth must be protected. They are destroying lives in an effort to hold on, even though they know that they have lost the battle for control of Planet Earth. They use BLACK MAGIC, and this use of the Dark Arts has held them in power until now. We have prevented the wars they so badly need in order to hold on, and we will continue to do so. The killing of innocent people must stop.

There is one other who is a priority target for them. They tagged him some years ago. They placed an invisible leash around his neck which operates every time he 'wakes up' and it causes him to rush back to his handlers to be punished.

They use rings and implants to control. It is the darkest Black Magic, and it is ruthless and wicked. From spirit, we ask that you put your minds to this, in order to release this person. Humanity needs this to happen. He is used as a VECTOR to harm Veronica, to make her ill and exhaust her, and to cause extreme pain and prevent her from sleeping. Please help.

My dear Veronica, I know that on the anniversary of my passing, on the 15 January each year, you re-live that terrible evening at the Royal Society of Arts, when I took my last breath as my speech was filmed. I have not left you; I never will. We are part of each other, along with that one who is in need of help. Three parts of the same soul. When one hurts we each feel it. The Cabal fully understands this, and they enjoy the fact that by hurting one, they can hurt all three of us. The bond between us can never be broken. In our hearts, we all know this to be true.

Prepare to engage in setting in motion a new future without war, greed or corruption of any sort. You can do it, and you will do it.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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