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Montague Keen - January 18, 2015

DIVIDE & CONQUER is being used successfully in your world today. It always worked in the past. Will you allow it to work today? It never fails to confuse and disrupt the flow of TRUTH that is surfacing to awaken humanity. Most people are innocent of the fact that they are being used to insert false information. It is carefully placed within the truth which they express, in order to question the honesty of those which the Cabal wants to silence. Please give careful consideration to this and be on your guard. Examine the true facts carefully before rushing to judgment. This is a game the Cabal has played successfully over the centuries. Do not fall for it again.

The Cabal has nothing else to lose since they have lost the battle. They just want to create havoc amongst you. Do not rush to judgment as the decisions you make now will reflect on the future you create. Look at history: this scenario has been repeated over and over again, and some fall for it every time. Open your eyes, look into your hearts and decide for yourselves, having given careful consideration to all the facts. Then decide for yourself, what you believe and accept to be true.

Your oppressors are depending on you to be easily led away from the truth. These last few weeks have been a nightmare for those who seek truth. Remember, you are not always seeing what you are looking at. You are accepting WHAT YOU ARE BEING TOLD YOU ARE LOOKING AT. This is quite different. It is a trick which has been used over and over again. I am sorry to say, but like sheep you are easily led. You have so much to lose by believing what is not true. Since I passed to Spirit, I have reminded you, so often, that NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS.

You owe it to yourselves to fully explore the TRUTH. Ask yourselves, who has the most to gain. That is always a good start. Who will go to any lengths to get what they want. Who is driven by greed and has no respect for human life?

The battle is over, but many of them have not accepted this fact yet. You must not argue amongst yourselves. You are ONE, they are trying to separate you by creating false differences and doubt in your minds. Do not fall for this trick. You are in an US and THEM situation. US was strong, so it had to be destroyed; and you fell for it !

Truth is what YOU stand for. Do not allow their carefully worded magic lies to deflect you from your path. They will use whatever means necessary to take over Planet Earth. They do not want human beings: they despise you. Many of you do not want to see this fact; but pretending this is not so, weakens your position. It is the will of Source to help you to remove all that is dark and negative, so that you can start again with a clean sheet. Help with this is already organised, waiting in the wings for you to open your eyes. Come together to create a future without all the stress and hardship that they have created for you in order to hold you in captivity. Open your prison gates and experience freedom in your world.

Look at the progress you have made since we opened your eyes to the importance of releasing the energy of the ley lines. This process opened the door to information that had been kept hidden from you. Please continue this most important and necessary work. Energy can be used for good or evil. Sacred places must always be kept in the light, especially in Ireland, as so much is controlled from there. You will learn in time the unique importance of Ireland. I humbly ask the Irish people to treasure their sacred isle. Value all that is sacred and in your care.

Veronica learned the hard way when the powerful energy of a sacred place in Ireland was used to hurt her, by people she should not have trusted. Evil people come in many guises, so be on your guard at all times. They come to help . . . but to help to do what? Who you trust now is of the greatest importance. Always be on guard.

There are many more false flags being planned. Expect them, as they show their hand each time. They are so meticulously carried out, how could you ever be expected to believe that these were carried out by novices? They can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Know your enemy, who is the first to point the finger each time. How interesting that they claim to know, almost immediately, who has carried it out. They have their 'patsies' all set up and vulnerable, with the same script each time.

What you do in these precarious times is most important. You need to be on the road to a better world for all humanity. You were chosen to be on Earth at this time, to bring this about. It is a huge responsibility. Are you up to it?

Together, you can do it. Do not buy into hatred of any people, as this is carefully organised to create divisions among you. All religions were designed and created by the Vatican to create division, war, and strife among people. You have got to admit, it worked. Everyone bought into it. But it is time to see the light now, and release yourselves from all these traps. Go straight to Source for guidance, and CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN. He was never necessary, but it was convenient for him to pretend that he was. He gained; you, unfortunately, lost by misplacing your trust. When you return to Spirit, it all becomes abundantly clear, as you see first hand, how religions have been used to manipulate the human race. Free yourselves, my friends. Remove all false barriers and come together in love and friendship.

My dear Veronica, take care and be vigilant at all times. Do not overstretch yourself. Help will appear when you least expect it. We are now on the last furlong. They cannot keep the pace up for much longer.

My love is yours. Your adoring, Monty.

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