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April 17, 2011

As the war machine spreads its tentacles around the world, creating devastation wherever it goes, people are, at last, questioning the reasons given for invading only the countries that have OIL and other resources. Their lies are not being accepted anymore; no matter how convincing they try to make them. What they are doing is a step too far, even for the most law-abiding people. The propaganda is constantly repeated over and over again on TV; the newspapers re-enforcing it at every opportunity. Their mind-control tactics are not producing the results they want anymore. Questions are being asked.

You ask, "How can they live with themselves." They do not think or feel as normal human beings. It's all a game to them. They believe that they have the Divine Right to just take whatever they want. It's driven by greed and power. It's part of the plan to take over planet Earth. That is all that matters to them.

The oppressed – which includes all of you – need to come together with love in your hearts, for you are all part of the great family of Man. Love is your link with God the supreme being. Seeing your fellow human beings suffer in Japan, Libya, Egypt, etc, brought this home to you, that you are all part of the Family of Man. When one suffers, you are all affected by such tragedies. It serves to remove all the false divisions created by religions, plus the false history that you have been taught to keep you enslaved. People are learning to recognise the truth when they see it. Trust your intuition, it is a God-given gift to guide you through life on Earth. It is up to all of you who work in the Light, to change the outcome of what may seem to some, the inevitable triumph of the Dark Cabal, when you finally accept that it is only with your support that they are able to destroy your world. You are many – they are few. This scenario has been played out many times throughout the real history of your world.

It is now up to all of you to change this forever. Yes, it is in your power to create a world where love rules. The killing machines will no longer be necessary. Foolish young men are made to believe that they are defending their country; when in fact, they are invading countries, killing and looting, destroying the lives of innocent children. How can they live with themselves? See them, as they strut around in their uniforms, in an hypnotic state. They cannot see that they are the puppets of the Dark Cabal. Each death is a blood sacrifice to those they serve. Many have now found it in their hearts to see the wars for what they are. They have withdrawn from the killing.

Remember David Icke's words, "Infinite love is all there is, everything else is an illusion." It is time to help those who are waking up from the Illusion. It is such a shock to them to wake up and see all that they had accepted as truth, exposed as lies and corruption; to look at those you were taught to revere, and see them as they really are, is a shock. Evil is Evil, no matter how it is dressed up. You have the opportunity to change all this. It takes courage and the ability to step back from the fear they surround you with. Come together in love. Support each other. You are doing this for your fellow man, for future generations, so that they may know life on Earth to be the beautiful experience it should be: enjoying full DNA, with full consciousness restored. Never again to be the pawns of the Evil Elite who have plundered the Earth and made slaves of mankind. They have created a world governed by Satanic Rituals, dressed up to look innocent, so as to hide their evil intent. Once you see this, you will never be fooled again.

The financial terrorism goes on. They feel that they are above answering questions, that they do not need to explain to lesser mortals why they have – through their corruption – destroyed so many countries. You do not need their banks. Take back control. Be responsible for your currency. It can be done. There are some honest people who would set it up and be happy to do so. What the bankers set up, from day one, was totally dishonest. It is a scam that has had its day. People are no longer fooled by it. The only power they have, is the power that you give to them. Now there is something to think about.

Truth is there for all to find. It does not hide. Love – look with love towards the light. See the light in all you meet. Create a loving atmosphere around yourselves. Do all that you do, with love. It will change your life completely for the better. It will remove the fear and stress, deliberately caused to keep you under control. Know that you were meant for better things. Your light will extinguish the dark. We are ready to assist in this transition.

My dear Veronica, as your family gather to celebrate your birthday, know that I am there by your side, enjoying the occasion. You continually give of yourself. Now it's time to relax and enjoy yourself with your family. With you, my dear, I learned what it was to love another so deeply that it changed my life completely. All we needed was each other. We were complete. It takes courage to reach out with an open heart to another, but the rewards are many and great. When you have real love, you have everything. My love will always be yours. Your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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