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Montague Keen - February 28, 2016


Even man's thoughts are not his own. Man is bombarded by the control system even when he sleeps. The medication that he is forced to take is designed to control and eventually cause his demise. They even publicly tell you that they are causing your demise and still you do not want to see it. What will it take to awaken you to the programme that is killing you off?

You see, every day, the USA and South Korea trying to force the other side to fire the first shot that would "justify" an invasion. Your silence gives permission for this to happen. When will you realise that you have the POWER to stop all this? Governments cannot act without your consent. This is real. You can see it developing every day. The clock is ticking and you do not have much longer to secure the future of humanity. They create disasters all the time in order to buy themselves time and take your minds off what they are up to. 2016 will see many matters settled, so you cannot afford to waste time. Those in the know are moving to safer places. This should tell you something: they are preparing. All the information is in the public domain if you take the time to look for it. Your future and that of humanity depends on it.

The so-called "St Patrick" destroyed the Feminine Spiral in Ireland. This must be restored. Patrick allowed the Fey and Djinn access through the portal. This accounts for all the problems the Irish face today. Should the Irish wake-up and take back their power, it will make a huge difference to the outcome planned by the Cabal. Ireland is the KEY that will unlock everything.

My dear wife has been attacked over and over again, because she is trying to unlock Ireland. She nearly lost her life a couple of weeks ago. But for the intervention of a dear friend, she would not now be on Earth. This should alert you to the great importance of Ireland. Both sides of life must do everything possible to reveal THE REAL SECRETS WHICH IRELAND HOLDS, as this will release the world from captivity. Our Centre must and will be built in Ireland, as this is for all of humanity, not just the Irish. The Vatican is determined to keep Ireland under control at all costs. Once Ireland reveals her SECRETS, the Vatican will fall without trace, and it will take with it all the citadels of power. This is what you must set out to achieve. Your future depends on it.

My dear wife works tirelessly to achieve the freedom from captivity which you all crave. It is through Ireland that every human will become free to experience life on Earth. The control system is but a house of cards. When you see it for what it is, you will just blow it away. They depend on you for their power. Without you, they are helpless. You fight their wars and you enforce their laws. They could not do it without you. You are your own worst enemies. Without your support they are finished.

Reconnect with who you are, explore your spiritual side, walk in nature, hug a tree. The Spring approaches, so connecting with nature is so much easier. You are not robots, not servants of the Cabal. Each one of you is a unique spirit encased in a human body. You are connected to All That Is, not the Cabal. Become the light that you are, and connect with others, so that you combine your light to extinguish the dark. With the darkness will go all the control, the corruption, and the false information. This is your fight for freedom. Together, you can do it !

Remove all traces of religion from your lives. Do not give your children to any religion. Children depend on you to protect them when they come into your lives. They must be protected. Religion is not what it seems. You have been LIED to. It is the exact opposite to what they tell you it is. You do not need a religion to interact with the God of Love who is everywhere; all around you at all times. There is a battle going on for your souls. Do not fall for their lies and the false promises of religions. It is all done to entrap you.

The Cabal removed all evidence of your true history and left you in confusion as to who you are. You are now witnessing them removing all sense of nationhood, of belonging in Europe. All this is being done before your eyes but ARE YOU REALLY SEEING WHAT IS BEING DONE TO YOU, or are you just accepting the propaganda that is being fed to you? Who do you trust? Why do you continue to trust the same people who have brought you war and destruction? The same people who make living on Earth a struggle for survival. They poison your food, the land it grows on, and the air you breathe. They force dangerous medication on you. How can you still trust them? All this will continue until you say, loudly and clearly: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. THIS MUST STOP FORTHWITH.

Each one of you has a responsibility to those who depend on you to act responsibly. Come together, face the future, and prepare for a future that will be so different from what you are being exposed to today. Yes, this is a big step, but it is one you have to take. You do not have a choice. You will be guided. Assistance is available. Ask and you will receive. Talk with each other openly. Help each other to get organised, so you are well prepared when the Banks fail and chaos prevails. You have known for some time that the end game is approaching.

Veronica, my dear, please rest as much as possible. You push yourself to the limit. Others can do the research. Does it have to be you?

You are loved, my dear, more than you could know.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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