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February 13, 2011

We watched the movers and the shakers who behind the scenes rule your world as they deviously placed their people in position while at the same time pretending to the people of Egypt that they can look forward to Freedom.... There is not one country in your world where freedom is enjoyed. You are all imprisoned and controlled, you just do not see the bars, it is all so cleverly done. It's just that some of you believe that you are free, they try to convince themselves that they are, it's all an illusion. Humanity is more controlled today than ever in the History of Civilisation. Cameras watch your every move, taxes bind you, there are Laws that cover absolutely everything.

What you are working towards is Real Freedom for everyone. We will accomplish this, we have the technology that is way ahead of anything that your masters have, we have shown them that we can dismantle their Missiles. Their Evil Plans will not run as smoothly as they had planned. Keep faith with us, we are with you every step of the way. The plans for the Transition are all in place, it will happen when the timing is right. If only you could get a glimpse of what you are bringing about, a future so good you will take time to adjust to it. Think for a moment... no Wars, no Poverty, equality for all, REAL FREEDOM, the Truth about who you are and where you came from and the real History of your world, just think, your Souls will once more enjoy the Light of Eternal Love.

We are aware that the sensitive among you are reacting to the massive changes that are happening, you know in your Souls these changes must happen. You are being elevated into Full Consciousness, this will take some adjustment on your part both physically as well as emotionally, as the negativity looses its grip on you. This must be documented, you are making History, all of you who work for the Light. There is nothing to fear, your friends from other Planets are standing by ready to assist you, please accept them, they are your friends. You will see your world with new eyes as you emerge out of the Darkness that was imposed on you. You have been deliberately kept ignorant of the fact that your Governments have had assistance from us for many years. We came to help but their plans were to spread Famine and disease to in their words "Cull the Population". You have recently experienced an influx of Disasters all carefully directed and Man-Made , not to mention the Mind-Control that is exercised on all of you, the less you read and listen to their propaganda the better. We have been able to prevent some of their attempts to start World War 3. The more good Energy that you can create the less they will achieve.

As more of you who open up to Spirit the easier it will be for us to communicate Mind to Mind. Only in Seance is Language necessary so that everyone present knows and understands what is being presented to them. Seance when conducted with Love and Harmony is a joyful experience for all involved on both sides of Life. We are working hard to free your world of all negative influences. You will be shocked when you realise the full extent of the Corruption. It will not be easy for you to see exposed, Institutions, Religions etc. that you had total trust in be laid bare before you. When the God they demanded allegiance to is not God, the Supreme Being of Love and Light that you assumed it was. Your world has been deliberately led astray, it was a cunning plan that succeeded without anyone suspecting what was really happening. They invented stories that you all accepted as absolute Truth, in the circumstances you had little option, soon you will see the bigger picture, there will be rejoicing on a scale never before experienced on Earth. It is now time to look to the future, to leave the terrible past behind you forever and go forward into the Light.

My dear, your life has become so busy, try to rest, there is much to do. Until next we write I send you all my love, my own dear Valentine. Your adoring Monty.

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