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Montague Keen - August 27, 2017

Do not despair, my dear, the battle has intensified but it is not lost. The reason the Cabal appears to be still in control is that they own the media. They will tell you only what they want you to know. I can assure you they will never admit that they are losing their grip on humanity. They use everything against you. Their legal world is stacked against all human beings. Word Magic is used every day in legal documents. The Cabal studied black magic and it has served them well. They are masters of it. It is used against you every day of your life. Now that you have become aware of it, you can see it everywhere. Spelling is the casting of spells using certain words that have a meaning and power that you were never taught about. Do not accept as true what they tell you through the media. It is all propaganda to hold you in control. I cannot emphasise this enough.

Their trump card is that they are holding the young man, Dave, who would be instrumental in releasing humanity from the domination and control of the Cabal. They went to great lengths to get him to California where they had everything in place to set the scene. Three countries were the main operators of this crime against him. They also stripped him of all his worldly possessions and they sold everything he ever had. They were ruthless. Their intent was to destroy him.

Many of you kindly answered our call for help. We need to get him a lawyer to represent him. The Cabal is up to its tricks by preventing people from accessing the appeal web site. Are you going to allow them to prevent you from helping to free Dave, an innocent young man, so he can fulfil his mission for humanity?

I will explain the background. Veronica, Dave, and I, are three parts of one soul; we are three in one. We have been on Earth throughout the ages when changes needed to be made. It was necessary for me to pass to spirit so that I could direct operations from this side of life, whilst Dave and Veronica work together on Earth. However, every possible obstacle has been put in our way to prevent humanity releasing itself from the tyranny of Cabal control. But with your help, we will succeed.

We despair of finding an honest lawyer. America is totally under the control of the Cabal and suffers as a consequence. The Cabal is trying to instigate Civil War in America. How they would enjoy seeing Americans killing each other. This would be orgasmic for them. They would chalk it up as yet another triumph. They know just how to set one against another. They have had years of experience and they are the experts of such destruction. When will the man in the street learn that he is being used to hand over the Earth to the Cabal? You see it every day on your TVs: the reporters all singing from the same Cabal hymn sheet. They are in fact betraying their own kind for money. How can they live with themselves? Have they no conscience at all?

The Cabal failed to disrupt the eclipse. It was a spectacular event, witnessed by many. The energy from the eclipse is still filtering down to the Earth. Much that was hidden from you will be exposed. The Cabal will no longer be able to hide its dirty deeds. Good people will come forward to rescue humanity from extinction. Welcome them and work with them, for you are on Earth to rescue the human race. Do not be found wanting.

Together you stand, divided you fall. Ask yourself, how is it possible for just 1% to spread itself around your world like the cancer that it is, to control your governments and control you.

Veronica had hopes that Leo Varadkar, who was recently elected Prime Minister in Ireland, would assist in getting Dave released from prison. But like all the others, he is loyal only to his Cabal masters. This happens again and again. Varadkar did not even have the courtesy to reply.

Ireland is so misguided. It bows to the Cabal. Will the Irish ever get off their knees and look at who they are, and realise their true history? One person in Ireland (yes, only one came forward to help Dave) D.E., has taken it upon himself to assist. We in Spirit thank him. One day, he will understand the importance of his commitment to Dave.

We in Spirit are ready to assist you. We liaise with those on other planets who are prepared to step into action to ensure that humanity survives and thrives in a world without the Cabal. Until recently, you were totally unaware of how the Cabal dominates your lives. They create illnesses in their laboratories so they can enjoy the energy of your suffering. They watch you buy into each and every lie that they tell you. They are masters of propaganda. But their rule on Earth is coming to an end. This is when they are at their most dangerous. Their attacks on Veronica, her computer, and her car, continue. They make very dangerous enemies. Dave and Veronica can vouch for that.

Please send love and prayer to Dave. He is suffering because the Cabal sends hate. You have no idea how powerful the energy of hate is. This is why they use it.

Love is powerful also. It is felt by the recipient and it helps to dilute the hatred. It is in your interest to free Dave as the whole of humanity will benefit. Every country in your world will benefit from the energy that will be released when he completes his work. This is why the Cabal went to such lengths to get him locked up. If he was not important to you, they would not have bothered. We saw how clever they were in getting him to America. Three countries worked together to do this, as only in America could you fake a crime, Hollywood style, and imprison someone for it. It is a crime that never happened. It would prove difficult to fake such a crime in the UK.

You, my friends, are fighting for your survival. The Cabal is screaming for World War 3. They care not where it starts. After all, war will take people's minds off the Cabal and their evil control. War makes lots of money for the Cabal, as always. They make the bombs and then they watch as people kill each other. It’s just a game to them.

Wake up and face reality. Do your research. All the answers are there. Try to understand who they are and why they are in your world. They are responsible for all the suffering, poverty, and illness, and they always gain from it.

Together, you can triumph. Believe in your own innate power and you will survive. See religion and race as weapons that are used to separate you. You are being used against each other, so wake up.

My dear, you are doing everything possible to fulfil your mission with Dave. We recognise the enormity of what you are up against. People will get together to help you. The awakening is happening.

We stand with you, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irish man framed in California.
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