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Montague Keen - September 10, 2017

It is with a heavy heart that I write with you today. The destruction of humanity is happening in front of your eyes, yet many of you choose not to look at it. The Cabal has successfully controlled your weather for over 50 years. It was based on Nikola Tesla's work that was stolen from him and misused by the Cabal. This was never Tesla's intention as he wanted to give free energy to the world. HAARP, CERN and the Antarctica base were set up for the purpose of total control. Their capacity to cause destruction is enormous. The three seats of power: The City of London, The Vatican, and Washington D.C., are in control, not the people you vote for who are just their instruments. Nothing is as it seems. I have told you this many times but few have taken it to heart. What is happening in America now is like a horror film. You can hardly believe it. Sadly, it is for real.

Those poor unfortunate people are being rounded up and "INVITED INTO FEMA CAMPS", NOT KNOWING THAT THEY WILL BE GIVEN THE MARK OF CAIN WHICH WILL SEAL THEIR FATE. Because 90% of the American people are ignorant of what is actually happening to them, they believe what they are being told by the authorities. The FEMA camps, with their plastic coffins and guillotines, were prepared and are ready for this moment. Your strength is in your numbers: for when the 99% say NO, then it is NO. Be strong and confident that your place is on Earth. Connect with all the elements of the Earth.

All of humanity must reach out to the American people. Send love and light so that they survive all that is being done to them. Put aside all differences and see humanity as one whole which is in need of protection from the Cabal. Share information, for knowledge is power.

You are witnessing how easy it is for the Cabal to disrupt your lives, remove you from your homes, and cause total chaos. The Cabal has the technology and they have been planning this takeover for a long time. You have the power to refuse to allow them to take what is yours. Show them that you will not surrender the Earth to them. This battle for control of the Earth is raging all around you. In your souls, you know that you will win. So believe in yourselves, your strength of will, and your refusal to surrender, for these things will stand you in good stead. This is the biggest challenge you will ever have to face. You will do it and the Earth will be restored. I promise you that life on Earth will thrive and prosper when you have removed everything negative. Good positive energy will fill the Earth, then human life, animal life, and plant life will thrive once more. This is what you must keep in mind, for this is your goal. Both sides of life will ensure that humanity is able to survive.

Please continue to support Dave, whether through prayer, by sending love and healing energy, or by your financial support. He knows what must be done and he is ready to play his part. The Cabal has launched another attack on him but they will not succeed. If he was not important, they would not waste their time or effort. He truly appreciates your help and he thanks you for it.

Justice for Dave McCann, Irish man framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

The timing is right for the project to be completed. The truth must be exposed and justice must prevail. The Cabal cannot be allowed to hold someone on false charges. California = Corruption: it is one of the seats of corruption. Dave is pure of soul, not equipped to cope with the level of corruption which surrounds him. He needs help.

My dear, know that the truth will be revealed. People have had enough of corruption and they want to be able to live with themselves again. Those within the Cabal know that their game is up and that defeat is staring them in the face. They have no other option. So be gracious in VICTORY.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

I have started a petition. All I need is signatures for it, to present to the Governor of California, to free Dave McCann. Please sign it.

Free Dave McCann | RootsAction

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