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July 3, 2011

George Orwell

Just how true this statement is, becomes more clear every day. People hide behind societies, religions, political parties, nationalities; the group mentality prevents honesty and taking responsibility for the views expressed.

On the day that you pass to Spirit, you are on your own. You cannot hide behind anything or anyone; you, alone, are responsible for your actions. This is a sobering thought to contemplate today as your world is facing the biggest wake-up call in its history. Those who stand up for truth are attacked and pilloried by those who fear the changes that are inevitable. The strain is showing on the faces of those who want to hold you in the prison of control. They will not be able to hold form much longer now: they are breaking up before your eyes. They adopted human form so that they would be accepted by you.

The love that you have embraced and shared with your fellow man is creating the energy for the Light to shine forth. Look to the many who have bravely exposed the lies of the control systems that have destroyed your planet. Now you fully understand what I meant when I said that nothing is as it seems.

You must learn to ask when they talk of God, is it the God of Love and Light, or is it the worship of Lucifer, whom they call god? Foolishly, when people hear the name of God, they mistakenly assume it is the God of Love. But people are worshipping Lucifer - they would be horrified to be told this ! All the spilling of blood is done to honour Lucifer. This is why there are so many wars going on at this time. They are all along the 33rd Parallel. This one fact alone is so significant. Research it for yourselves, the answers are there. When assassinations are planned, the exact location, dates, etc. are all of paramount importance. They do not leave anything to chance. Your lives are so controlled by these people - they do not care for you or yours. It is their intention to remove a third of you, who are surplus to requirement. It saddens me to see people who are being used for this purpose. Anyone speaking the truth, who dares to step out of line, is attacked by those whose motive is jealousy and fear. Those who attack you, my dear, and our work, are to be pitied. They have not yet evolved. They are frightened to step outside their prison.

Disclosure is happening on every level. Many are being inspired to expose what has been kept secret. This is The End Game. They cannot and will not succeed with their New World Order. They are trying to hoodwink people, by calling it other, more acceptable names. But there is enough known now, to see through this ploy. You do not need them, there will be more than enough money available soon. It is in hand.

The reason that poison is put in your drinking water, and your air is polluted, is their attempt to prevent your awakening. They bombard you with chemicals and still proclaim that it is for your good. They smile confidently as they assure you that they have your best interests at heart. Everything they do is to prevent your connection with your spiritual side.

I am aware that it was a shock for you, my dear, to realise that you had been singled out as a child, and that the brutal rape when still a child, was all part of a plan to destroy you. It would have broken many, but it served to make you stronger. You were my rock, my dear. They will go to any length to prevent people from connecting with Spirit and knowing who they are. The soul lives forever: not always in a body. Those in the Dark Cabal think they can live on Earth forever. They are constantly trying to find ways to do this. Many of you would be deeply shocked if you knew just what they do to stay alive. They are doing everything possible to prevent your bodies from becoming crystalline because disease cannot attack the crystalline body.

When full DNA is restored, you will learn to use your mind to travel and to control your life without exertion. You will learn the power of love, the energy of words and thoughts, and how such energy affects your life as well as the lives of others around you.

Money will be available to those who need it: it is in place, it will soon be available. Many are working behind the scenes, ready to step forward. You, my dear, have your finger on the pulse, ready to move forward. The questions you had, have been answered. Explanations have been given and all has become clear. The Awakening must be placed before all else. Those who challenge it will be removed. We see the thoughts and plans - nothing is hidden from Spirit. It is God's plan for the Universe to be made whole once more. It will be exciting to meet your fellow beings from other planets. We connect from Spirit to bring this about. Now that you know who you were in a past life, it explains why you were asked to carry out the tasks that will restore Truth and Light. Yes, my dear, it's easier when you understand why it had to be you. We release information only when required. We have guided you and will continue to do so. Our time together on Earth meant so much to us. We found fulfillment and love beyond expectation. Our work will be complete when truth is restored and all that was plundered in wars is returned and restitution will be seen to be the order of the day. No man has the right to take from another that which is not rightfully his. Peace will come to all men. It is worth striving for. Corruption will cease - there will be no place for the dishonest to hide. All debts will be cancelled, overnight, when the corrupt banking system is replaced.

There is so much to look forward to and work towards. Together we will do it, with love in our hearts and peace as our motive. We, and all those who work in the Light, will restore Planet Earth.

Try to take time for you. Ignore those who say they will try to "squelch" our work. They are but little pebbles in a very little pond. We go forward in love, and with love, to complete our mission. Your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Comment from one of our readers:

"Monty's messages are growing in astonishment with every new post. A new desire in myself has me excitedly awaiting the next of Monty's messages. Positively sensational!
Dan, from Ingleside, IL. " (July 4, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I agree with the prior message Montague Keen's messages in general. I, too, find these messages wonderfully provoking and am anticipating future messages with excitement. It is "What is he going to say next?"

I just love Galactic Channelings. Always at the top of my list to see what is new when I "sign on." Thank you so much for bringing these wonderful messages to us. There is a tremendous thirst for them. In this chaos they are the perfect balance.
Kitty" (July 5, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi kitty, thank you for your kind words. yes, we also believe that there is a big thirst for these messages of love and encouragement. our site has reached a number of 10,000 daily visitors now, without any kind of promotion. i've been a webmaster of many different (non-spiritual) sites for a long time, but this is the first time i see this happen. a clear sign of a world waking up, i think.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (July 5, 2011)

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