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July 10, 2011

Veronica, my dear, it is time for every human being on the Earth to link with David Icke every morning at 9.30am. AWAKENING THE WORLD, the global connection of hearts and minds, sending love and peace into the collective energy field, will expose and remove the corrupt from power.

You, my dear, have a sacred site. It is time to use it. We told you in seance that David would lead the way out of the darkness into the light. By doing this, you will blossom into the Beings of Light that you truly are. In a world of love, the soul-less will not be able to function. They cannot hold their shape when surrounded by love.

The corrupt will not willingly give up their positions of power. Be prepared for false, staged events, such as Project Blue Beam. The Dark Ones can project images of Christ, or the Virgin Mary, etc, to create fear, so as to retain control. Remember that they can transmit whatever they like to unsuspecting people, pretending that these are the fulfilment of the prophesies of old.

Do not fall for this lie! Religious fanatics will embrace this, to increase their control over the lives of men. Every kind of mind control will be used to keep you in darkness. Chips have been embedded in people in order to control the masses. Such evil is beyond the imagination of the general population. You went to Earth to bring this change about. The speed with which you do this, depends on how you connect with the love connection.

We drew your attention to the connection between Ireland and Egypt that the Church of Rome does not want you to know of. It is again reinforced by the results of the DNA racial ancestry of the pharaoh, Tutankhamun, which is 99% WEST EUROPEAN; a 99.6% fit with R1b Haplogroup. The highest concentration of this is in Ireland. You know Nefertiti's connection with Ireland, also her family connection with Jesus. The truth is there; it is just hidden from you by those you serve. Ireland represented the centre of the Universe and its four cardinal directions before the assault on the Irish religion, the Mother Church of Love. Think what a different world it would be, if the decision to destroy it - which was made at the Council of Nicea - had not been taken. The reign of terror which continues to this day must end forever.

How little you know about the world you live in. I was so wrapped up in my research during my last lifetime on Earth, that I did not see the corruption, though I knew that so much of what we were expected to accept did not make sense. There is always a lot that you know instinctively to be questionable but you do not take the time to research it. The most evil organisations in history are still operating in your world and are putting up a fight to retain control. The majority of people would be horrified to learn who these dark individuals are. But their rule is at an end.

It is difficult to deal with all the revelations that are flooding out in all directions. It's incredibly exciting also. There are so many beings from other planets, all set to arrive on Earth to support you in your struggle for truth, love and light. Their huge spaceships have the technology to come to your rescue. Do not be alarmed when you see them in your skies. You are all part of one great family from which you, on Earth, have been separated. This knowledge has been kept hidden from you. Nothing can change what is about to happen, the old way of life will be gone forever. Be attentive to those who have not yet accepted what is happening as it may be alarming for them. Think, for a moment, how it will feel when the truth is known about religions, governments, and your history. Many will have problems coping with the fact that all the wars were STAGED; that your loved ones died in vain. But the killing machine is to become redundant: all will live in peace. Those who refuse to give up the corruption will be "de-created".

The control of food, water, and the air you breathe, will cease forthwith. There is plenty for all mankind. Special centres will be available for those who need help to adjust. The technology that will be made available to you, will transform your lives overnight. Communication with Spirit will be the norm; not something to be argued over and demeaned, by those whose level of consciousness is so low that they fail to grasp its possibilities.

Let the purpose of your lives be the bringing of love and light to all mankind.

Anger only serves to feed the negative: it gives power to the corrupt and is their oxygen of life. It hurts those who are angry. It is an extremely destructive emotion. So the Dark Ones want you to be angry. They feed off it.

Communicate with each other. Return to the days when families actually talked to each other and recalled shared memories. They learned who they were. The sense of security that such gatherings produce, is priceless and the laughter is therapeutic. Prepare to become part of the Universe, once more.

You are tired, my dear. Prepare to cope with all the changes necessary for the Transition to happen. I surround you with love. Your adoring, Monty.


Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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