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August 8, 2010

"I do not care for the allegiance of the people; all we ask for is their FEAR" - Adolf Hitler.

Such illuminating words my dear, they say it all, this is how your World has been ruled and controlled and continues to be right up to the present time. The Dark has controlled the Light through Fear and Corruption. I did warn you my dear that they will stoop to any depth or go to any length to keep control. As the Light sweeps silently through, opening minds to Truth and full Consciousness enabling you to become the Beings that indeed you are. The Dark Prison Gates are opening, the Divine Light of Truth is surrounding you, you are free at last to emerge into full consciousness. This is a complex procedure, it cannot happen overnight. As you are aware my dear a certain amount of pain and discomfort is involved, mainly in the neck, back, upper legs and feet as adjustments are made to create the new neural pathways necessary, there is tiredness also. This is needed for your DNA to be completely restored, everything within the body is changing to enable you to move to the New Reality where Truth and Love replace the Darkness that has engulfed the Earth for so long. The old Teachings are no longer relevant. Know that you are presently going through the introduction phase, life will become stress free as technologies and medicines that have been withheld from you will suddenly be available to all. Remember, for the sinister elements who create the Fear on Earth to succeed, they first need your co-operation, refuse to continue to be trapped and controlled, enough is enough. Light and freedom beckons, your DNA, your Mental, Spiritual as well as Physical abilities plus full Consciousness and knowing who you are. Veronica, you always asked me who I was when we were together, you were aware all those years ago that there was more to me, after my passing you continued to ask mediums etc. until I gave you the information that deep down inside you, you always "knew" anyway.

Life on earth will change completely as you become fully restored Beings with all capabilities restored. You will have powers similar to those of us on the "other side" of life, you will be at one with everything, all that was and ever will be. All this is happening right now even as we write, there are many around your World who are fully aware of this, they prepare the way so to speak, we have no wish to alarm anyone, we come in Love and Peace. You have been kept in ignorance for far too long, limited in every respect, abundance in all things await you. Planet Earth will be restored to its full beauty, capable of sustaining all who wish to abide within her. It is our intention to restore Earth to its full capabilities. We are in the process of cleaning the pollution from the air you breathe and the land which bears the fruit of your survival. The Land I came to love and respect, it breaks my heart to see what is being done in the name of progress. Avarice drives the Dark Cabal, I now see it also in those to whom I once gave my trust, it is the driving force of those in the Dark. Look with pity on them as their greed devours them. They try to prevent Light, Love and Truth from taking their rightful places. As sure as Day follows Night, Light will duly follow Dark, this is natural order and so it will be.

We are working hard on this side of life to bring all this about, you must all be aware of the changes that are happening. Even if its just a sense of anticipation or excitement, the occasional pain or discomfort, everyone is aware on some level. Our Plans are great, there is nothing to fear, it will turn out to be everything you could dream of. I say to all of you, your nightmare is over forever, embrace the Light and live in harmony with your fellowman, surely this is everyone's dream. The time for change is now. Look not at your differences, look only at what brings you together.

The disasters that beset your World will bring many to my side of Life, believe me, they have no recollection of disaster or suffering when they arrive, we see their sheer jubilation, they are "Home" at last. They have completed their purpose, they are happy to return to the fold. Life on Earth is but a moment of your Soul's existence.

There is no instruction manual to guide you into the Light, the Old books cannot guide you to your Truth. We in Spirit will guide the way forward, we are the Light.

So much to take in and understand my love, exciting times. I will never leave you, I will always be your adoring Husband, Monty.

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