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SaLuSa, July 29, 2009

One of the difficulties you consistently experience is the inability to find the time and place to relax. The stress of modern day living with the extra pressures caused by fear created by the media, makes you seem to be forever living on the edge of a cliff. To become centred and go within, and be oblivious of what is going on around you is nigh on impossible. Yet for your sanity and peace of mind, you do need to create the time for yourself to unwind and contemplate your life’s purpose. Finding a quiet environment is the first requirement, and having an organised approach to a meditative period of relaxation is the next. Gentle background music preferably classical, will help induce a beautiful state of contemplation, which can allow your mind to meander through the promptings of your Higher Self. It is a time when problems can be looked at from the outside in, and often a sensible solution found. When you are stressed or emotionally disturbed you cannot be lucid, and are likely to make rash and ill informed decisions. Where other people are involved in your problems, it is wise to also fairly consider their position. Often ego based answers are more for the satisfaction of self, and may not be unbiased.

We know your lives are fraught with difficulties, and money is so often at the root of them. For the time being you have a society that cannot move far without money being involved, and you have a juggling act to balance your income and outgoings. Some of you are deeply in debt, and this adds to the stress in your life. Dear Ones, you agreed to experience the workings of a civilisation based on Capitalism, and what you are finding is that it does not fulfil the needs people have. It encourages selfishness and greed and the few end up with disproportionate fortunes far beyond their needs. In your time you have also seen Communism fail, and although both systems have some commendable ideas, they cannot deliver abundance and a fair distribution of wealth. Money rules and is the power behind the throne of the Illuminati.

Most of you have at some stage heard mention of NESARA, and its provision for a fairer system where your monetary needs are concerned. Not only that, it promised the return of your sovereignty and freedom. It was drafted to stimulate an awakening in Mankind, for changes that would lift you up out of the financial jungle that you have lived in for a long time. It was planned for this period you are now in, and the collapse of the banking system is a major step towards it. Since the inception of NESARA circumstances have altered, and with the coming of First Contact the benefits have been incorporated into a plan to bring them together. They are therefore in the hands of Higher Beings who oversee your whole upliftment, and onward journey to Ascension. This way they will not be allowed to be interfered with by the dark Ones, who are aware of what is planned and would otherwise prevent them manifesting. They will not be allowed to usurp the benefits from the decree of God, as you are to finish your time in duality on a high as a just reward for raising your levels of consciousness. The game is nearly over, and you can return to levels of enlightenment that are your rightful place as Beings of Love and Light.

First however, the final days of duality must be enacted out and you are an important aspect of the cleansing that must necessarily take place. You carry baggage that is of the lower vibrations, and it needs to be cleared away. That is achieved by attracting Light to yourselves, so that eventually your vibration is sufficiently high that they can no longer exist. Your consciousness is the key to your readiness to ascend, and aiming for the highest expression of your Light is the way ahead. It is a state of mind that no longer panders to your ego side that will often vie with your intuition for your attention. If your thoughts, words and actions are in no way harmful to others, you will be well on the path to achieving Ascension. Throwing off the years of being cultivated as a clone of a typical Human is not easy, as you have been led to believe that it is perfectly normal.

Some people are perfectly happy as they are and for them the future will remain unaltered. The call to review their beliefs and ambitions has not settled within their consciousness, but one day they will know that there is more to life. In God’s Kingdom freewill is honoured, and they have been allowed to experience as they choose. That is the grand plan that was commenced eons of time ago, and draws this cycle to its conclusion very shortly. We of the Galactic Federation acknowledge and obey the Laws of God that in all respects are both fair and just giving equally to all souls. It is such knowledge that will enable you to make allowances for the choice of other souls, as it is not given to you to know the reasons for them. Simply remember that all souls experience both Light and Dark at some stages, so be grateful and understanding of others at all times.

We allow ourselves a little pride in seeing how well you have responded to the new energies, and have set your sights on the opportunity to ascend. It is because we have had as much input as any other Federation member where your evolution is concerned. So you have always been of particular interest to us, and we truly see you as our brothers and sisters. That link will remain for a long time until you progress to dimensions that may take you onto a different path. Dear Ones, the dimensions even as we understand them seem to go on for all Infinity.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and as you might expect, we know of other Beings that have had regular contact with you. Lord Ashtar for example is well known throughout the Universe in his roll as a “trouble shooter” as you might say. He came particularly close to you some 40 years ago, when your Earth was in mortal danger of destroying itself. Warnings were given to your Governments of the day of the dangers of nuclear bombs, and the potential for a war to end all wars. Even since that time we have endeavoured to persuade them that all life is endangered by nuclear devices. However, as you will well know the threats and sabre rattling continue. We place our faith in President Obama who has a plan to broker world peace, but first the hot spots must be addressed. Have faith also as he journeys with many helpers at his side, and his victory will be yours for the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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