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SaLuSa, July 27, 2009

There has to be a breakthrough in getting the truth to fully come out about events that have led to laws, which have pushed you further into the web of the Illuminati control. More people than ever are learning how you have been tricked into the belief, that recent tragedies such as 9/11 are the work of outside forces. This is bringing about a great energetic push to bring the facts out into the open, and have the perpetrators face criminal charges. This energy like any other one reaches a certain point, when it becomes so powerful that nothing can prevent it from bringing about a response. That point has been reached, and the facts which have been collected of various incidents are on the verge of becoming public. No crime against Humanity can be hidden forever, and the revelations will be part of the cleansing.

Everything around you is about energy including yourselves, and by now you must know how easily it can be manipulated. Therefore the thought forms you build up by constantly giving them power, must have some affect in the course of time. In duality you have experienced the battle between the dark and Light for eons of time, and because the dark forces have largely succeeded in overcoming the Light it has become enmeshed by the lower vibrations. It is not that it can ever be completely overcome it as it is indestructible, and with the help of great Beings from the higher dimensions it has once again become the dominant force on Earth.

You have been in a state of flux for some years now and chaos has reigned as the Dark Ones have fought to maintain their hold on you. They have failed and in recent years have experienced some uncertainty, as the new paradigm has emerged. Now the time is surely upon you when you can forge ahead, and sort out the many issues left by them. We foresee that it will not take much to start the actions that will give others the motivation to go public, with their experiences and evidence of the truth behind many happenings. Amongst those issues to be dealt with, will be the most outrageous cover-up of our existence and contact with people of Earth. The revelations will help create the ideal conditions that will lead to First Contact, and a dialogue with you about your immediate future.

Of our own we cannot adopt an attitude of coming “ready or not”, but as has often been intimated, there is a date whereby we must get started with the program for cleansing the Earth. Also the sooner we can openly converse with you, the quicker your energies can be put into positive action that is in alignment with Ascension. Those of you who chose to be part of that process, will already have been awakening to the golden opportunity that presents itself. We would like to think that very few, if any of you with that in mind coming into this incarnation would fail to rise up to the challenge. There is certainly no lack of assistance, and once you declare your intent to take to the path of Ascension, many souls of Light will guide and accompany you.

The upliftment from where you are now to Christ consciousness will not be very long, as you would measure time. There are key points all along the way to that exalted state of being, and one is 2012 when there shall be a great input of energy into your solar system that will affect every living form. There will be a quantum leap in consciousness, and you shall take your place again amongst the Masters. All of this is quite natural when a solar cycle is completed, and it is as much a clearing out as a cleansing. Your dreams of moving into a higher state of being will be more than fulfilled, and will have been worth all of the occasions that you have experienced the dark side. Even that has had its benefits, and has shown you how a civilisation can easily fall into the darkness without the realisation of what has taken place. The fact that you have been grossly mislead and have been denied your sovereignty, has spurred you on to the greater understanding of your godlike power. Nothing is impossible when you are aligned with the Light, and even now you wield power over the dark forces that is part of their demise.

The changes are part of natural events that are the responsibility of the Higher Beings who act on your behalf, as decreed by God. You are as children who have not yet achieved an understanding of how the Elohim and other great entities serve the Creator, who are aware of every soul and will ensure their safe journey through this period. You may at times feel that you are very insignificant way out on the edge of the Universe, quarantined in ways that keep your dark energies from infiltrating the energies of other systems. However, you are every bit as important as any other soul that is journeying home, committed to following an urge that powerfully takes you higher and higher through the dimensions. Many without knowing why, strongly feel such impulses as they reach out for the truth of their being. They know that Earth is not their true home, and yearn for enlightenment and understanding.

Dear Ones, you are sufficiently intuitive to find your own truth, and indeed that is what many of you have been capable of doing. The fact that you may not know the One Truth does not alter your ability to take the path to Ascension. There are multitudes of souls who are kind, compassionate and good hearted who walk and talk their truth, and their Light shines out. Yet, they may have little knowledge or understanding of the actual process of Ascension. It is your Light and ability to love others without judgment or prejudice, that places you on the path to upliftment. Such souls are found in all walks of life and within those religious institutions where the truth is shrouded in mystery.

The impact of your recession is still reverberating around the world, and it has not yet come to an end. It is still very dependent on the response to re-organise your financial markets and banking community. Behind the scenes much is taking place to introduce a totally new concept, which is why the old system cannot be re-established. New approaches are being taken to many of the flaws in your handling of the issues, that affect the well being of every man, woman and child. There will be changes of some magnitude to come that will solve the problems for once and for all.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and leave you my Love and Light for your upliftment. Know that all is well and great times of joy and happiness are on the horizon.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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