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SaLuSa, July 31, 2009

Dear Ones, we find at times that humans are delightfully interesting in their response to each other. When one begins to understand the meaning of sharing and giving of yourself, there is often a reluctance to accept any form of reward. Yet, there is nothing wrong in doing so, and it does not take away the merit in the “giving” that has taken place. Inasmuch as you feel uplifted by such actions, remember that the recipient also likes to show appreciation and feel that they have reciprocated in some way. Gratitude is an important part of your spiritual development, as for example prayers or a simple acknowledgement for what you have, or are given on your journey through life. I talk not necessarily of that which comes at the physical level, but help from on high that makes it easier and moves you in a direction that is fulfilling of your needs. Understand that gratitude creates an energy that brings more to you, and strengthens the links you have made.

The Laws of the Universe are simple, fair and just but Man has erred from the true path, and has made up his own. The Law of Attraction is involved in many aspects of your life, and we for one have referred to it on a number of occasions. On first hearing of it many of you dismiss it as not making sense, but it is to your advantage to find out how it operates. As I have said, it is simple and briefly stated means that whatever you focus on will eventually manifest. It is a paradox that when you keep on telling yourself that you will not get this or that illness, believing that you will be protected from it, you are still creating the energy of attraction. The energy cannot decide whether it is to be used for better or worse, as it responds to the Law. It is far better to be positive and live your thoughts in the manner of what it is you seek. In other words, if you see within perfect health that it is what you will eventually create. The timing may be down to karmic reasons, but the fact remains that what you have intended will come to fruition. Miraculous healings are often the results of a determination to self heal and an example of what I mean.

As you raise your vibrations, so your ability to be a healer of self or others will become more powerful. Indeed, it will reach a level where your power of creation becomes instantaneous. It is therefore good practise to put your understanding in use now, and it will soon become your natural way of thinking. You cannot as it were, be let loose with great powers until you can be trusted to us them correctly. Moving into the higher dimensions is a greater responsibility, but fear not as with it will come a greater level of consciousness with an increased awareness, that will serve you well.

All along through duality you have created your own reality, but because the dark ones have held you back from knowing your true selves, progress has been exceptionally slow. You have been led into thinking of yourselves just as they have intended, and kept from knowing of your latent abilities. In a more spiritual and free environment, you would have already reached that level where Ascension would have taken place. However, the difficulties were foreseen, and this cycle was planned to give that extra help when it mattered most, that is immediately prior to Ascension. Except for the Creator’s decrees, all else is consistently adjusting and changing to reflect the mass consciousness. Of late we are extremely pleased to note, that it has lifted up magnificently.

The Light and Love that now flows from Earth and “Fires the Grid” is inching you nearer and nearer to the moment when you will suddenly ascend. Like attracts like, and this is an example of how you can apply yourselves to group action and increase its potential for change. When you Dear Souls took time out to give of your energy to “Fire the Grid” its success has been far greater than you can imagine. It is part of a series of key moments where you have been called together to help not just yourselves, but also Mother Earth. The Lightworkers are to be commended for the work they have done that has helped lift you all up. However, some souls are unable to respond as their vibrations are somewhat static and too low, having been victims of the pull of the dark energies. They are not forgotten or ignored, and it is still hoped that they may be awakened by the new wave of energy sweeping the Earth.

Do not become too engrossed in the detail of what is happening, as it can be distracting. You cannot always see far enough ahead to understand where it is all leading. Allow time for the result of actions to become clear, and try not to jump to conclusions. If you can, stay in the “Now” and patiently wait for positive signs of the changes we have promised you. The plan is moving along nicely, even if by your reckoning it is slow. The clamour for change is unceasing and comes from many quarters, even from those who do not necessarily have your level of awareness. It is true that our tendency is to give you higher expectations, but we do so because we know the huge success that is going to be ultimately achieved.

At heart all of you are capable of great things, and when the Light is able to completely throw off the cloak of darkness that shrouds it, you will come in to your own. Do not concern yourself as to whether you are doing enough, as it is your collective effort that is most important. There are many roles to play, and you may rest assured that your talents will not go unnoticed. Those of you that have life contracts to see out this cycle, will have your call at the appropriate time to allow for your part in the conclusion of this cycle. Every contribution no matter how small by your reckoning is important to the whole.

Some people are concerned that the perpetrators of crimes against Humanity will get away with them. As we have previously intimated, everything that has ever happened remains in the ethers, and the truth is absolutely known and beyond question. Justice is therefore inevitable, and some guilty of such crimes will answer on Earth, while others will stand before their Higher Selves in the Light of Truth that in no way can be denied. In the interests of making the truth known, it will naturally involve the trials of many of those concerned, if only the main culprits.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel that our time with you is bearing results. There are many souls now being contacted by the Galactic Federation, and you will probably notice a number of new channels being opened. At all times assess them intuitively, and take whatever stands well with your truth. Do not necessarily dismiss what does not, as at a later date, it may suddenly fall into place. The truth may differ one to another simply because you are at different levels of understanding. We never impose our messages upon anyone, and are constantly aware of the need to allow for your freedom of choice.

We would therefore say to you, that where possible you also make allowances for other people’s way of thinking. In the face of absolute denial of your truth, having made your point it is best to retire and avoid outright arguments. Nothing useful is gained from arguing, and as often happens with contentious issues such as politics, it can get out of hand and even violent. The measure of how far you have come in your evolution will determine how you handle such challenges. You have a saying “ but for the Grace of God go I” and that is a worth remembering. No one in reality is superior to another, even if they feel more consciously empowered. Be love in your thoughts, and compassionate in your actions and words. That will leave a lasting impression that will do much more good than any other approach.

I trust I leave you with a clear picture that will assist you on your journey. Your example of godliness and caring in the way you greet others will help lift them up. We hope that in turn we have expressed that in how we convey ourselves to you. We bless you all with our love, and invite you into the Oneness of All That Is.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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