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SaLuSa, November 27, 2009

We believe it is becoming noticed by many more people, that the pressure to bring out the truth about events such as the Iraq war is paying off. It is just the start of a number of enquiries relating to many covert actions carried out by the dark forces. For some years since 9/11 there has been a call for an independent enquiry, as the amassed evidence of what really occurred is unquestionable. Have we not told you for some time that the incoming energies are increasing the Light upon Earth, and you are now seeing its effect in uncovering the truth. At a certain level which you will reach after Ascension, the point comes when only the truth can exist. In any event it is necessary, as part of your increasing awareness that you know the truth about your history. It will answer many questions about the downfall of Man, and why until now your progress into the Light has been so slow. You must realize by now that you have been deliberately held back, and every attempt made to keep you in the dark about your true purpose in life.

You may not see full justice carried out, because of the extent of the dark ones activities over the last century. However every soul concerned with them, will eventually answer for what they done that has gone against the Laws of the One. Each of you review your lifetime’s thoughts and actions, and normally you are your most stern critic. You do not therefore have to concern yourselves too much, about the fate of those who masterminded your experiences to make you their slaves. The days of the lynch mobs are well past, and revenge is not something we advocate. Indeed, we are against all such reprisals and remind you that you are the Children of God, and dwell in Love and Light. Your most rewarding response to such matters would be to see all souls as part of yourselves, needing your love as much as any one else. Perhaps Dear Ones, more so if they are to return to the Light quickly as all will do so eventually. Even though you may be well placed in the Light now, like everyone else you will have gone through many experiences that have also included the dark side. Think upon the occasions that you may have been helped to rise up, and the love that you must have been given to heal the damage to your soul, and be generous to others.

We are here for you all, but if some reject us that is their choice and we will be there whenever a different one is made. No one is pushing you into something you do not want, but we do encourage you to seek the true purpose in your life. Beliefs can be very powerful, and all we ask is you acknowledge that you are in a period of great changes that can benefit you. Your awakening is coming even if it is painfully slow, and each of you will take just as much as you desire and can handle. You have Guides who know you better than you know yourself, and if you will but listen to that quiet voice within you will not be mislead. It is when you are in conflict with yourself that you sometimes lose your way, but be assured you will always get back to the Light. The path can be as easy or hard as you make it, and it will get easier once you understand that all experiences are for your souls evolution. Learn your lessons and move on, and they will not come back to you again. However, if you do not they will return many times until you do, but there is no sense of needing to hurry as life is infinite and it is you who set your goals.

There are so many souls that are involved in your Ascension to ensure you have every opportunity to rise up. They are both on and off Earth, and of course we ourselves form one part of that group, albeit a very important one that concerns your immediate future. Although you may consider progress as very slow, it is in part because you have had to be gently awakened from your great sleep. Too much too soon could do more damage than good, which is why even now so much consideration is given to such events as First Contact. For those reasons we are continually adjusting to what is happening on Earth, and according to how you are accepting such a possibility, There are many factors involved, hence there is always going to be “a right time”.

Whatever happens around you, keep calm and know that you will see us eventually when it is safe to be amongst you. We refer not so much to ourselves but you, who are generally speaking unaware of the extent to which the dark ones will go to stop it happening. If we are unable to meet you within a specified time that we are not allowed to reveal, there is an ultimate date by which we shall take a different course and go ahead. So Dear Ones you have nothing to fear, as we will by one means or another, follow the announcement of our presence with official landings. It is not the first time you have been informed of our plan, but we like to remind you of it and keep you cheerful.

The game of duality is a really serious one where you are concerned, so you wonder why you elected to take numerous lifetimes in such low vibrations. You knew in advance that it would be tough, and you would find yourself in circumstances where you would feel detached from the Source. In reality that cannot happen, but when the vibrations are low it is much harder to lift yourself up into the Light. Consequently you have felt separated from All That Is, and have fought to preserve your lives at the expense of others. You were encouraged to do so by those who knew the truth, but had turned to the dark side for their own power and control over you. We know some will ask why God allowed it, and the simple answer is that you readily volunteered for the experience. You were comforted by the promise from God, that you would be helped to rise up again. Now you are about to complete your time in this cycle, and have acquired immense knowledge and understanding of Duality. You will never need to tread this path again, and Ascension will enable you to leave in glory and success rightly deserved.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we of the Galactic Federation realize what a most volatile time you live in, as the new paradigm gains ground on the old one, which has served its purpose. It can be very confusing particularly for those who have little knowledge of what is behind the changes. As Beings of Light you have the ability to lift up such souls, with your assurance that in the end all will work out satisfactorily. Peace will come when the guns of war have been quietened, and we can ensure that once it is agreed all weaponry will be made unusable. We will protect you from any attempts to disrupt any part of the program to restore your Earth, and establish your path to Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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